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Arguing, Asian, and Fucking: 3 HOURS AGO+236,870 NOTES VIA+SOURCE 5d My biggest 'how to tackle office racism inspiration is my mum. 6,0514,381 I remember she was holding a meeting and when she entered everyone assumed she was the tea lady and gave her their orders わ 6,107 4271 So she made them all tea and once they were all made, started the meeting, announced herself as the new boss and fired all of them. わ 6,391 5,925 I'M LIVING SIS reddit.uruetabe m TUMBLRINACTION c comments Y The titty collection, from TiA: 1 2 3 4567 89 10 1 Check the embargo list before submitting! /// pok wins TiA/1/ /r/IncelsInAction ...and everyone clapped, including the tea (i.redd.it) 198 submitted 1 month ago by 31 comments share save hide report hide all child comments Data-kin (because men have no emotions) 98 puins munch ago So there's a new boss coming in today right?" "Yeah." Anyone know what they look like?" "Nope." "Oh look, there's a new person I haven't seen in the office before. I'm going to jump to the obvious conclusion she's the tea lady." permalink source embed sve save-RES report reply hide child comments 71 points 1 month ago Even more so, if one person assumed she was the tea lady and she started to accept the order and not correct him, the others would have then been led to believe she is the tea lady and not have deserved to be fired. permalink source embed save save-RES parent report <p><a href="http://penguinpeddler.tumblr.com/post/170019563205/matt-ruins-your-shit-the-first-time-ive-ever" class="tumblr_blog">penguinpeddler</a>:</p> <blockquote><p><a href="http://matt-ruins-your-shit.tumblr.com/post/170018361636/the-first-time-ive-ever-heard-of-office-tea-lady" class="tumblr_blog">matt-ruins-your-shit</a>:</p><blockquote> <p>The first time I’ve ever heard of office tea lady as a profession. She gave them tea then went and sat in a corner for 8 hours and 50 minutes until the work day was over. </p> <p>Also I have no idea what race this assumption was supposed to be racist against? Assume it’s true and not at all made up…why is thinking she was there to get tea racist? Was she black? Asian? British? What?</p> <p>How telling is it that these fucking people’s fantasies are ruining people’s lives over weak perceptions of racism.</p> </blockquote><p>Here is where you can see what <a href="https://t.umblr.com/redirect?z=https%3A%2F%2Fcareertrend.com%2Flist-6532632-duties-tea-lady-.html&amp;t=YzMxZmNiZmRjOTcyMmE2NjM2ZWY2Yjk1YzZmNGRjNTgzMWQ5ZGY4Myw1Y2IzZTE0NTAxYjk5NDJhOGZjZjE3OTA5YThiY2ZhNjVhNmViZjUz">tea ladies do</a>. Apologies if the link doesn’t work, I’m on mobile. </p><p>Does it matter her race? As long as she was obviously a minority from the wording. Since this is most likely Britain, it is also likely she wasn’t black/white/asian but Irish.</p><p>Not gonna argue whether or not the story is true, but, the level of thought here is lacking.</p></blockquote> <p>Reblogging because now I know that “tea lady” is a thing.</p>