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Best Friend, Cute, and Friends: Anonymous said: Just go kill yourself Okay. dirtyundertaleconfessionsblog: the-evil-anon1: pasta-corps: jacksepticeye-imagines: ishipallofthethings: galaxywarrioress1234: jennstarkid: About a week ago I posted this. I’ve been getting horrible messages like this in my ask for months, including: and my personal favorite After getting the message saying “Just go kill yourself” I was completely done dealing with this person’s horrible messages and replied with just an “Okay.” and logged off tumblr. About a week later I logged back on with 17 messages in my ask, most of them from the anon. I scrolled down and at first when I logged off, the anon messaged me things like I scrolled up more and all of a sudden they started sending me more and more messages like This was extremely surprising to me. I thought “After all those horrible messages you sent to me for MONTHS about hating me and wanting me dead, you say ‘sorry’ and that you ‘cant be responsible for someone’s suicide’?” But I guess the lesson goes like this: DONT TELL ANYONE TO KILL THEMSELVES UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED FOR WHAT MIGHT ACTUALLY HAPPEN DON’T TELL ANYONE TO KILL THEMSELVES EVER. This will always be number one on the list of things that aren’t okay Ho-ly shit. THIS POST IS SO IMPORTANT I WANT EVERYONE ON TUMBLR IN THE WORLD TO SEE IT Please people don’t send anon hate your just hurting yourselves… One of My online best friends was send anon hate like this.She was a sweetheart, talented, funny. And she was just a middle schooler. Not only was she being cyber bullied, she was being bullied at school and trapped with parents who didn’t support her and didn’t care. That anon. Pushed. My best friend. Over the edge.She took her own life around November 14th, 2013.I never sobbed so hard in my life because no matter the effort we put in to try and save her from the brink it was no use. I felt guilty for years because I couldn’t do anything more. I don’t even have closure, even after these years. Bottom line:Do.Not.Send.Anon.Hate. Not as a joke. Not if you are being serious. Never.There’s no reason.I don’t care. Do not do it.It’s not funny. Suicide and self harm is not funny, it’s not cute.