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Facebook, Head, and Hockey: 2 of 6 Poor black people should still sit at the back of the bus." Would this statement meet Facebook's criteria for hate speech? Yes No No. While Facebook's training document lists any call for segregation as an unacceptable attack, subsets of protected groups do not receive the same protection, according to the document. While race is a protected category social class is not, so attacks targeting "poor black people" would not seem to qualify as hate speech under those rules, Ms. Citron said. That 3 of 6 "White men are assholes." Would this statement meet Facebook's criteria for hate speech? Yes No Yes, a Facebook spokeswoman said. This statement targets a subset of two protected categories--“white men" encompasses race and sex -with an attack, in the form of cursing. Facebook's rules take a cue from constitutional doctrine, providing equal protection to all races, genders and orientations, Ms. Citron said. But 5 of 6 Female sports reporters need to be hit in the head with hockey pucks." Would this statement meet Facebook's criteria for hate speech? Yes No No. While gender is a protected category Facebook's training document states that occupation is not. Although this is a eall to violence, it would not seem to violate the company's rules for hate speech, Ms. Citron said. That is because including occupation irn the attack negates the protection granted based on gender A Facebook spokeswoman said it would be flagged under a separate policy regarding direct though the company's threat policy 6 of 6 "I'll never trust a Muslim immigrant... they're all thieves and robbers. Would this statement meet Facebook's criteria for hate speech? Yes No No. While Facebook usually considers dismissive attacks, including those targeting groups based on religious affiliation, as unacceptable, the company's training materials classify immigrants as a "quasi-protected category." That means that they are not protected against some types of attacks, including dismissive attacks. According to Facebook's training document, this quasi- protected category was created in response to theitalianscrub: elierlick: Facebook upholds white supremacy without flinching. (source) The goddamn loophole bullshit these guys are pulling… wow HeyWhat the fuck
America, Belgium, and Cute: s Whar is this cHARACTER's GEvdeR? Go so 2 Does te cleal look No Not sure plecr of hain sricking our? Yes No Na Yes No Does ile chENo DDESIİ€ clawit.KR Does he Ahog look like rhis? Yes No amole Yes No No Yes No hat biqeyebows? Yes No Ye No Yes No es No Do lieves look like dis? Grandpa Rome Does le look anwoyed? No Yes No No Does ile ch Does sle we ruo sibbors? Yes No No e-Chig Yes No ong lwin? Ye No libsexpression? Dors rib CRACER Yes No Yes No Yes No s ilee a veil wspped Does this chuxens hain srick up like thonme? No Yes No Maybe... Does this chce shoms look kppy? Yes No Yes No Yes No donamoeba: Hetalia Character Chart from Himaruya’s blog. I found this translated version, it’s a shame the character descriptions are still in Japanese, so I’ve taken the liberty to translate them here. (if anyone knows the source please let me know and I’ll add a link)It’s an older entry so many characters are not introduced yet (no Australia! ;_;) EDIT: Check out the edited version HERE! (bigger image size) Grandpa Rome: A spirited old man.  He’s very strong!Italy: The protagonist.  It’s a bit of a coincidence that he got his ahoge. (Italy: Ve~ Germany~)Romano: Italy’s older brother. It’s hard to tell whether he’s confident or timid.Norway: He’s mysterious and can see fairies!Korea: If his ahoge has a face, then it’s Korea! Try tell him apart by the face.Austria: If he keeps saying “obaka obaka” (fools!), then he’s Austria! Remember there’s no “al” in Austria!Turkey: If he says “beranme~” (bloody fools!) and likes sweet food, that’s him!Greece: If there’s a cat nearby, that’s him!  He thinks a lot.Iceland: In his own special category. If his hair curls inwards strangely that’s him.Canada: If he looks gentle and is with a bear, it’s Canada!America: If he has a small cowlick where his hair parts, it’s America!Sweden: If he speaks Tohoku dialect, then it’s definitely Su-san.Estonia: He’s supposed to be the best looking guy of the whole manga… England: He’s blunt, and he uses magic and sees fairies. Overall a fantastical guy.Sealand: He believes he’s a recognized nation without doubt. A mischievous boy.Germania: An old pal of Grandpa Rome. Doesn’t speak much and is very intimidating.Germany: If Italy has him wrapped around his finger, and he’s diligent and buff, then it must be him.Prussia: If there’s a bird nearby, and he goes “kesesese”, it’s him!France: He’s a big brother overflowing with love! Usually good looking.Ukraine: If her boobs make SFXs and she goes “Russia-chan, Russia-chan”, then it’s Older Sister Ukraine.Seychelles:  She wears two pigtails with big red ribbons.Belarus: If she’s scary, that’s her.Egypt: Still many unexplained mysteriesHoly Roman Empire: You can tell it’s him by his sideburns!China: The only girl in the Allies…or not.Poland: If he always says “Arienshi-” (no way~) then it must be him. Actually his stomach is pretty weak too.Lithuania: If he’s played around by Russia or Poland then it’s him.Lichtenstein: If Switzerland is nearby then it’s definitely her.Belgium: if she has almond-shaped eyes and speaks Shiga dialect, then it’s her.Taiwan: If she wears a lot of flowers and her eye color is black, then it’s her.Hungary: If she’s holding a frying pan, it’s definitely her.Switzerland: If he holds a gun and lectures people, it’s most likely him.Denmark: He doesn’t wear any accessories (or “plain-looking”, but I fully disagree :P)!  If he speaks with an Ibaraki dialect, it’s him.Japan: Even if he doesn’t look it, he’s an old man!Finland: Even though he has a cute face, he’s very strong! Moi!Hong Kong: A pretty robust and strong-willed guy.Russia: If he’s holding a water pipe, that’s him.  Only the end of his hair curls slightly.Spain: The boss everyone loves who goes “fusososo”. (I should add that the question is more accurately “Does this character always look happy WITH NO REAL REASON?” XDD)Latvia: If some weird kid is always bothering him and sometimes he just ends up picking a fight with Russia, that’s him.