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Anime, Beautiful, and Community: Ne punch snowleopardferret: 2srooky: shannonsketches: flame-alchemist-buttbutt: P.S.A ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL COSPLAYERS This is why we cannot have nice things.(i took this from a post on facebook i saw someone put up that had to be shared elsewhere)“1: Broken Light Fixtures on a couple different floors.2: Busted Exit Sign cause some fuckwad thought it would be A Good Idea to high-five it.3: Actual fucking flooding in a room.4: Punching a hole in the bathroom door and writing “One-Punch Man was here.”5: Writing “Katsucon 2016” all over the stalls on the main floors.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THIS NEEDS TO STOP, THIS IS LITERALLY DISGUSTING. This beautiful hotel is holding an events for cosplayers to enjoy time away and this is how you repay them? you wonder why they raise prices?. This is totally fucking immature and disgusting and the cosplayers that did this make our community look like shit Spread this like wildfire, this is not okay stop destroying things.  Fun Fact: This shit kills small cons. Our con got kicked out of it’s established space because the hotel kept getting trashed by drunk, rowdy con-goers. The last year they broke a fucking window, among other things. Have fun at your cons. Have fun in your cosplay. But don’t be an asshole while you’re staying in a hotel. The shit is not cute, you ruin future cons for everyone. Part of the reason hotels spike their rates for smaller cons is because they expect con-goers to be disrespectful and destructive. Pricey rates drive people away from cons without a reputation. Those tiny cons don’t get a turnout because of hotel prices, they can’t collect revenue, they can’t afford the space, they wither up and die. No more tiny fun cons. Most of the staff volunteers and works hard to make your experience nice, and the hotels hold them responsible for the aftermath. Just don’t be a dick, especially if you’re attending a small convention. It’s not hard. FOR ANYONE WONDERING THE SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES OF THIS, IT KILLS BIG CONS TOO. Youmacon started putting up their rules for no obstructive masks or face paint due to people needing to be IDENTIFIED AS THEY DESTROYED THE CON CENTER AND SURROUNDING HOTELS. ALA (Anime Los Angeles, a well known, huge, secure con) got moved to Ontario, CA, after 2015’s convention because so many people destroyed the Marriott that they said “fuck it, fuck you, we aren’t hosting this anymore.” It doesn’t just kill small cons, it kills the biggest, most well known conventions in the country. This is why larger cons, the hotel blocks are hundreds of dollars, nobody gets a discount anymore, nobody gets the “free CONtinental breakfast” that was super common when I started cosplaying in 2010. Because we, as a collective, destroyed these hotels. I’ve paid my fair share of fees due to ruined hotel towels, but I’ve had friends charged with destroyed chairs, tables, etc. etc. that they DIDN’T RUIN because of the fact the hotels have to find SOMEWHERE to get the money to FIX WHAT PEOPLE DID RUIN. Take care of your hotel rooms. Leave tips for the cleaning staff. Bring a big garbage bag to throw your cup noodles in, and bring your own towels if you think your paint/makeup might destroy hotel ones. Don’t throw massive room parties, bring a small pack of wet wipes and wipe down your makeup station every day, don’t be a jerk!!!!!!! Keep Cons Clean and Safe and Secure by not being a massive fucker!!!!! If you’re staying in the con hotel you have a fucking responsibility to be a good representative of your con. This is why there are age limits on who can book a space.If you can’t behave like an adult, if you can’t trust your LAWL SO RANDOM XD enthusiasm to not result in property damage, then you don’t belong at a con. You aren’t fucking welcome.