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God, Stalking, and Star Trek: They EAT. They TALK. AND THEY FUCK It's a human, and if you're not scared, you should be. Humans seem friendly. What you might not know is just how "friendly" a human can be. Many galactic citizens have discovered, only too late, the relentless drive of the human... who will gladly mate with YOU. "This is overstated. I've interacted with several humans who have not attempted to mate with me." Be mindful! A human is a stalking predator, and may wait weeks, even months, for an opportunity .11 would not be attractive to a human and have nothing to fear." Humans have highly variable preferences and strategies. However, do recall that by the time humans experienced First Contact, they had already spent centuries producing entire libraries of speculative research about how they would someday attempt to mate with someone just like you. "I possess a simple cloaca and am incompatible with a human and their sexual practices." Humans are adaptable. There are proven instances of humans attempting mating behaviors on features far more novel than a mere cloaca or book lung. Humans have been known to engage in attempted intercourse with flaps, orificies, depressions, ridges, digits, chelicerae, and masses of all kinds. A human, bereft of a partner, may attempt to mate with a range of vessels, extensions, surfaces--or its own hands. "I have heard mating with a human can be pleasurable. What's the harm?" Humans form strong attachments and are insatiable. Galactic citizens who have partnered with a human have routinely died of dessication, puncture, and lethal chafing! ouyangdan: kaelio: kaelio: Someone requested a doodle of “some of the Dominion’s anti-human propaganda” but tbh this is too real outside of star trek. this is probably plastered over the entire Citadel in Mass Effect i still get notifications for this. i get notifications for this every god damned day. I wasn’t going to reblog this until the last comment.