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I need your help to do this.: Hey guys, it's your buddy u/Chromedev3 here. And, like you, I'm just a normal redditor, doing normal redditor stuff. While we can all agree on things like how Danny Devito is the sexiest man alive, or that the new upvote button is a change, there are some things we just can seem to agree on, and that's the meaning of this subreddit. What is the name of the sub? It's r/memes. Do you know what a meme is? It's something that is supposed to make you laugh, to brighten your day a little. Ive been a redditor for almost a year now but I feel like I've been using it for most of my life. I came here everyday back then, eager for new fresh memes for me to enjoy. I was excited to use it everyday. But then something changed. I wasn't laughing anymore. I rarely ever found anything funny. Do you know why that was? Do you know what happened? r/memes died. A long time ago. I'm sorry to say this, but the quality of memes have gone down. And the surge of new people from Instagram, while always welcome, are doing nothing to help, when they see things like their 237th Keanu Reeves meme. So I need you all to help me. We are going to bring r/memes back to life from the depths of unfunny repititiveness. You can help me do this, by doing this: only upvote posts you enjoy. Don't feel pressured to just because the op says that they will plant a tree for every upvote. How do we know for sure that they did it? You're better off Just donating a dollar to teamtrees.org by yourself. You see a No Nut November meme? Did you laugh? Yes? Then upvote it! If you didn't, don't do anything, or leave comment stating why. If you think it deserves one, don't be afraid to downvote it. By only upvoting posts you enjoy, you help make sure that r/memes stays a funny place. A place that people can go to after a hard day of work and laugh. I hope what I've said here today changes your outlook of r/memes and way it works. If you relate, feel free to upvote. If you take issue with what I've said, don't be afraid to comment. Thats all, so for now, I wish happy redditing and many orange arrows upon you, u/Chromedev3 out. I need your help to do this.

I need your help to do this.