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Stannis vs Sylvanas: In the land of Clown World's double standards... How some Trumpkins respond to Stannis burning a child alive: "Tough position did what he thought was right tho." Dogpile and censor opposition. How some Feminists respond to Sylvanas and Dany burning kids alive: "EMPOWERMENT! SMASH THE PATRIARCHY! GO GIRL!" Dogpile and censor opposition. How some unmedicated insane(sane) people react to the killing of children: "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU SOMEONE SHOULD BURN YOU ALIVE YOU SICK MEGALOMANIC FUCK!" Avoid opposition for the same reason you walk away when a homeless schitzophrenic comes up and starts screaming in your face. Y'all make me miss those, truly. Anyone who kills a child deserves to die. If that makes me crazy - a "schitzo screaming in your face" - then fuck it try to commit me for being against killing children. Please, write that specifically on the involuntary commitment order - "this man believes anyone who takes the life of a child legally or otherwise deserves to die. He is willing to force that 'political' view on others. He is an active threat to others - to those who kill/killed children and condone the killing of children albeit condoning real actions or actions portrayed in ficticious propaganda." I'm sure that I'm the one who will get hospitalized, I'm being serious, the nuts are running the nuthouse, you know this which is why you act the way you do. I will gladly resist so you can jerk off to my "schitzo" (I was diagnosed aspie not schitzo, but whatever) baby fat like you did Adam Trammel's. I am done dealing with you deranged zealots for the most depraved fucking bullshit imaginable. Maybe you're right - maybe I didn't have true empathy for you - because I was trying repeatedly to humanize you when there's nothing human to any of you circus freaks. I was going to make a meme out of this but I'd rather just screen shot this, share, and go grind gold for my epic mount because your twisted heads aren't worth my time. Which guarantees my door will be beaten down because you are bullies who do all this shit to me for attention, and my depriving you of it will trigger you more than any of my memes. Please use nukes next time you want to burn a kid alive for the greater good. For all our sakes. Thanks. Have a good night. Stannis vs Sylvanas