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: The day is done night is here, andlsit in the quiet as my family sleeps near My mind is frozen with writers' block, unsure of what god wants me to say I could goin a zillion directions with thoughts of my own, but keep thinking of today, and the questionI saw posted in a grab your attention kind of wa y "People are watching y ou and they want to know, how does faith make your life different? Does your life point to him? Does your life show the way to the father, and to the freedom from sin? Does it point to the truth? Or is it just for show? Does your life truly point the way to go?" AsI ponder this question, I thinktof my day DidIreach o ut to others? DidI offer a hug? Did I offer kind words and genuine love? Did I forgive and let go of their trespasses against me? Was I humble and gracious, or did I hold a grudge, a nd close the door on showing his amazing uncondition al lo ve? Didl argue with my neighbor when my button was pushed? Or did I pray for patience and a gracious respons e? Did unload all my burdens onto my spouse? or did I give th em to the Lord, a nd keep peace in my house? Did I m od el the fruits of the spirit to my children? or did I falter and su ccum b to the pressures and fail them? Did I argue and push others by throwing scripture in their face, or did I instead invite them in with love and offer a warm place? These are the qu estions I'm pondering tonight, stumped with w hat blog post should write. And maybe this is g od's way to check in and see, and ensure 'm remembering him, and not just me w w w. MyInnerRapunzel.com