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Bad, Candy, and Children: But interactions with some of those involved in the Parkland shooting have not been as successful as those during the White House session. Samantha Fuentes, who was shot in both legs during the Parkland assault, said she had felt no reassurance during a phone call from the president to her hospital room last week. "He said he heard that I was a big fan of his, and then he said, I'm a big fan of yours too. I'm pretty sure he made that up," she said in an interview after being discharged from the hospital."Talking to the president, I've never been so unimpressed by a person in my life. He didn't make me feel better in the slightest." Ms. Fuentes, who was left with a piece of shrapnel lodged behind her right eye, said Mr. Trump had called the gunman a "sick puppy" and said "oh boy, oh boy, oh boy' like, seven times" Maggie Haberman mysharona1987: jimmyswaggert: mysharona1987: How bad are your social skills when you can’t even give your condolences that well?“How are you?”“I am sorry this has happened to you.”“How are you coping?” IT IS THAT SIMPLE. The man has a personality disorder that’s now been complicated by a progressive neurodegenerative disease but 10s of millions still gave him their vote.. even if he hadn’t become POTUS, I’d be disappointed just by the mere fact, that he was the nominee of a major party to begin with. It shows us the state of our society i.e it’s rotten! It’s like the time he was giving out candy to the journalists’ kids on Halloween.*All* he had to do was be nice, smile for the cameras and give the children bland, routine compliments about their costumes. (“Oh, so you’re a clown! How cool!””)The easiest thing ever, surely? A cool PR thing. You or me could do that.Instead he just bitched non-stop about the press.