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God, Dear God, and Dear: Thanks I hate these doll hangers..Oh dear god..

Thanks I hate these doll hangers..Oh dear god..

Blade, Bodies , and Church: Please log in to post a comment on this wiki. Our people are persecuted: we are spat on and we are weary of crying. The betrayal, oh how feigi, that wretched stupid little piece of crap blamed it on us, the sheep. Felix marched to the capital of Broland, filled to the brim with wrath. He burst through the church doors and came in. "Hello young Felix": said Archsheep Bluesheep (head of the council) "Did you defeat Feigi?" Without saying anything, Felix drew his bow and shot him down as flames wreathed his body. When it fell into the temple waters, a large baa filled the temple as the sheep tried to flee from the now vengeful master. His blade cut through the bodies of the council members, the young ewes and lambs were murdered as their yellow wool became singed and covered with blood. The sheep squealed as the blade cut through their body and made their guts spill onto the mossy stone-brick floor. "Please!" Cried Council-Member Yellowsheep, "We won, we didn't make Feigi do this: he lived 10,000 blocks away, please. We didn-" Quickly, an axe ripped through the sheep's body in a cloud of red blood. Soon, the inscribed temple walls were scarlet red as the water became an alizarin crimson. After only 2 minutes, the temple was silenced, only making the sound of pouring water. The bodies floated around the shallow canals as Felix finally stopped. I ran, oh dear god I ran. Watching this from the Ikea Tower. He will get me eventually, but I wrote this: so you could find it... Sincerely, Council Novice, Baarry Baa Baasson. 1 hour ago by Alex Aruds T UnderMine T EndgameHonest T UpsideDown The Truth.....

The Truth.....