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America, Be Like, and Family: Anonymous 02/16/19(Sat)00:25:32 No.792766145 Tonight on Family Fued Steve Harvey name something you do while engaging in intercourse 466 KB PNG Contestant rings bell >penis >the ground begins to tremble and shake >cracks are forming along the walls following up to the ceiling Steve Harvey's jaw lord drops to the floor >DID HE JUST a crack opens up the middle of room, revealing hell itself >THIS IS A FAMILY SHOOOW >PENIIS? >The crowd begins laughing uncontrollably >some are vomiting stomach acid from laughing so hard >heads start to combust >Cattle start dying by the thousands >Every mom simultaneously finds the poop sock Steve harvey, with a shit eating grin and a slack jawed mouth combined SAY NAME SOMETHING YOU DO WHILE ENGAGING IN INTERCOURSE >There are riots outside, but evervbody is laughing the while >AND THIS MAN SAID PENIS??? >the crowd gasps so loudly thay everybody's ears implode from the sheer pressure change in the room >THE SURVEY SAYS??! The entire world falls silent with anticipation For a brief moment, there was peace on earth Then it appeared >Penis 100 >OHHHH LORD >Russia immediately launches all nuclear weapons towards America >America lifts off of earth and into space via rockets >the entire population of denmark explodes out of pure laughter ops spinning Mike Pence ao >Michael Jackson gets resurrected >Jesus Christ himself comes back to high five the penis man world hunger ends >Y'ALL NEED HELP I CANT HANDLE THIS IM GETTING TOO DAMN OLD WHY WHITE PEOPLE GOTTA BE LIKE THIS >Steve Harvey's lips grow to the size of steam boats >His mustache falls off of his lips and starts jerking off penis man penis man smuggly smiles while his wife stands there with her head in her hands, ashamed of her huhands heinous response mfw watching Family Fued Anon goes on a game show