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Arguing, Ass, and Bitch: CTRL @prodbyCTRL "I'm on my period nooo0 First of all, I eat my steak medium rare. Lay ya ass down Never trust a chick who says she doesn’t give head unless you do it first. its a TRAP. i repeat with a capital T R A P, TRAP. The first time i ate pussy i was high as fuck. PUSSY HAS Tremendous power. It can make a Rich man poor, a honest man a liar, turn a homie into a bitch nigga. Pussy can change the atmosphere of a room and makes the world go around, don’t argue me. Pussy can taste like sugar, spice and everything nice or it can taste like sour eggs and spoiled turkey theres no in between. Pussy is probably the cutest and ugliest thing on the planet. it can look like a cute little pokemon cave that you would want to explore or like the face of a deadspace monster. It comes in all shapes and sizes. I had this one girl ready for me to eat her Pussy like a chinese buffet. It was my first time and i was shy. Its nasty to put your mouth on someones private parts where I’m from. I gave it a yolo. I swore the pussy looked at me and moved. It squirmed like it had some shit to say. All my regret started to come to my head and i wanted to back out but i was just thinking of the suculent head i will received after I complete the task at hand. Im face to face with the pussy at this point I tried peaking inside but it was too dark and i aint wanna fog up my glasses. I slowly go for a kiss… The pussy bites my whole face off. I felt like i was in a scary movie scene. It wouldn’t let go. I tried tapping out when i heard shorty let out a evil diabolical laugh. Bitches can’t be trusted. I needed help and it wasn’t no where in sight. i was beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I Crip walked to the light and right before i touched it my head was spit out. I flew across the room with very minimal signs of life. I looked like one of Cells victims after he spits them out. I look up barely gasping for AIr. A smile creeps on my face as i anticipate my turn for the mean succc. “ My turn” i begin unbuckling my pants when the pussy lets out a mean roar of “Noooo”. Her pussy wings expanded out and she flapped out of the window. I never seen this girl again. She left her purse. I ordered pizza with her money. Bitch played her self. Never trust these hoes.