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Memes, 🤖, and Project: Cherish the Woman who's with you when you had nothing & by your side when you have everything. Not because She wants anything but because to her you truly mean Something IG: @Silently spoken Project SP #The Obamas AMatchMadelnHeaven THEOBAMAS ____________________________________________ TAGAGOODWOMAN❤️ ____________________________________________ She's the kind of Woman who's reward is just seeing you SMILE...She's the kind of Woman that will sit with you in silence for a WHILE...She's the kind of Woman that sees you for everything others do & so much more....And not for one second whether you succeed or fail She's going to be right there because She Loves you to the pits of her Soul & without hesitation for you will always go the EXTRA MILE! ____________________________________________ SYMBOLISM OF THIS POST: It's you...It's so you... You're the one Dream I was scared to dream just because I didn't know if it would ever come TRUE... You're everything I never could be but you make me better just by being Loved by YOU! I have no regards for the tests of time because as long as it's us TWO I'll take my chances no matter what We're forced to go THROUGH... Damn look what patientlywaiting can DO! DEARFUTUREWIFE ____________________________________________ ITSAMANSJOBTOFINDHISQUEEN💯 HAPPILYAFTERONEDAY OLDSCHOOLLOVE FAIRYTALESDOEXIST LASTOFADYINGBREED YOUDESERVEBETTER GOODGUYSTILLEXIST ITTAKESCOURAGETOLOVEAGAIN MRIUSEWHOIWANTFORMYPOSTS DEARFUTUREWIFEIMWAITING MRISAYWHATOTHERSWONT SWYD AMANWHOACTUALLYGETSIT FAITHFILLEDROMANTIC FORHER SILENTLYSPOKENFROMTHEHEART SILENTLYSPOKENPROJECT SSP THEONLYSSP LOVEQUOTES FOLLOWIGSilentlySpokenProject YOURETHEONLYPERSONIREFUSETOLIVEWITHOUT ____________________________________________ (LIKE➕COMMENT➕TAG OTHERS➕SHARE➕FOLLOW⬇️) FollowTheONLYSilentlySpokenProject ➕FOLLOWIG:@SilentlySpokenProject ➕FOLLOWIG:@SilentlySpokenProject ➕FOLLOWIG:@SilentlySpokenProject

THEOBAMAS ____________________________________________ TAGAGOODWOMAN❤️ ____________________________________________ She's the kind of Woman ...