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Being Alone, Birthday, and Bored: :) Pick number a number any 17-Favorite color 1-Name 33-Miss anyone 18-Shoe size 2 Height 34-Hair color 3-Weight 19 Type of underwear currently wearing 35-Relationship status 36-Bra/Dick size 4 Age 20-Sing in the shower? -One wish 22-Best time of my life 23-Country I live in 5-Birthday 21- 37-Last song you heard 6-Girl bff 38-Biggest fear 7-Boy bff 39 Favorite animal! 8-Crush 24 Pets 40 Something you hate 9-Ever fall in love 25 Plan on getting marrer 41-Favorite TV show 10-Favorite food 26-Favorite subject 42-Favorite movie 11-Last text 27 First kiss 43- Favorite book 12-normal bedtime 28 Insecure 29 Ever sent 30-Ever self harmed 44 Jealous of 13 Battery percentage a nude 45-Wearing right now 14-Eye color 46-Zodiac sign 15 Addiction 31-Hairstyle 47-Middle name 32-Who you love 16-Favorite song 48-Worst habit 49 Number of siblings 65kinks 50 Name(5) of sibing(5) 66 Something that's constantly on my mind 51-Sports I play 67 Something i tantae about 81-Favonte comic 52-color of underwear currently wearing 68 Amlattractve 82 Aphrase never forget 53-Hobbies e-There is no 69 83 Last time You've Self pleasured 54-alents -Mental problems 70-My faverite question to answr as-Been depressed 71-How m doing 55 Embarrassing moment 86-fwe wer alone in a room (SFW) 7 Wear to bed 56-Future career choice -twewere alone in a room (NSFW) T3 One thing ve led bout 57-Reiationship with parents 88 Cried myselt to sleep 74-One thing I worry about 58 Are you a virgn? 89-Cant say nesend me a pic of my request 7-My favorte store 59-Turn os 90-Want a boytnen nd Am fuckabie 60 Turn offs 91 Body type you like? 77-What I did yesterday 61 Doidrink/hmke 92-Your body type? 7-What fnd attractrve n other pecpie 93 Arseer gne yourset (you pick one) Number of kids I want 62 79 Something Irealy real arnt 94-Arswer one yourself (e you one 63 My celebrity crush 80 My tavorite band 95 Anything unisted 64 Myidea of aperfect date I’m bored, you know what to do