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Being Alone, Chill, and Christmas: Feels thread? Be me Loser No friends, no family Work shitty job, poorfag >Live alone in shitty studio apartment sWell, not totally alone Have stray cat I took in this summer Named him Henry -Don't know why, just looked like a Henry Very nice and chill little dude >Not much of a cat person, but love the little bastard Xmas season, depressing for me >No one to spend it with Screw it, this year I'm going to try to get into the spirit of the season Buy cheap little tree Wrap up some cat toys and treats for Henry >Put under tree -Totally crazy cat-lady territory, I know Screw it, gonna have a fun Christmas with my little pal Past week Henry has been under the weather >All lethargic and not eating >Take to vet. Vet starts talking about feline cancer >Oh man >Deep breath >"Okay, so what do we do? I mean, is there like cat chemotherapy and stuff? Vet tells me no, at this stage, euthanasia is recommended Ask if it has to be today? Can I take him home and spend the weekend with him? >They say that's okay Get home We open open up the presents His favorite treats, can only eat a couple of them, usually goes apeshit for them >He looks at the toys, but doesn't play, too tired I guess Most of the time, I just hold and pet him > Today, back at the vet >Cannot stop crying >I hold him while it happens -He licks my hand and nuzzles it STakes me 2 hours to calm down enough to finally drive home Shitty little apartment seems so big and empty now Finally got out of bed now Henry was the only friend I had in the world. What am I supposed to do now? Hello darkness my old friend