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Guy writes an essay on why you can't draw porn of Tails that doesn't align with his tastes.: Profile Ever since I was a kid, I loved playing the Sonic the hedgehog games, but I wasn't good at them as I couldn't get past the second or third stages. Then one day, when playing Sonic the hedgehog 3, decided to play as Tails just for fun, and I became good at Sonic 3 all of a sudden, I could play past the stages I couldn't before, and even get close to the final stages of the games, and it was all because of Tails, his gameplay style was just right for me, and if it wasn't for him I wouldn't of experienced the amazing games. I even loved playing as Tails in other games he's in as a kid, and still do. (That was my first step into loving Tails, next was his character.) I've been bullied a lot in my life at school, even the teachers bullied me, and my only friend had to leave for a very, very long time (But I've reunited with him now, and are still friends to this day, I also have a lot of new friends as well.) But there was this new teacher that I was friends with, we even had one thing very in common, and that was our love for Spider-man. Spider-man was my hero, every day I would dress up as him, and liked to pretend to be him. Last year I got back into Sonic and I remembered Tails being my favorite, so I tried to learn everything I didn't know already about him, and I found out that he's very close to me with personally and back story, he's also now my biggest inspiration and I even dream to voice act him one day, which would actually go down in history as Īwould be the first adult male who has voiced him, and can actually do the voice. ieven found out how badly he has been treated in the newer 3D games to a point that he's not even the same character anymore. But I'm glad that in Sonic mania he's himself there Here is what I would list as essentials in Tails' art Seeing him covered with oil: (Look, Tails is a hard worker and there is for some reason a lack of Tails being a messy engineer, so l would love to see more of this.) Masturbating himself off with his twin tails: (There is only one image of this, and I think it's cute that he is jerking himself off with the thing he once thought was a curse.) Actually having Tails looking like himself (This is something I can't even believe I have to say, but I wouldn't be gay for him or think he's sexy if didn't like the way he actually looks like, so Tails with wide hips, a big ass, or a face that's not even close is not only very gross but offensive as well. Tails is a guy, respect him as one. Please.) Having a smallI, medium, or even big, sized dick (I don't do monster cock, but sometimes I will make an exception.) IMPORTANT Being top with the guys: (Tails being top in gay art is so good! Too bad though there's like, 3% of him being top and 97% of him being bottom, and I wish that it could be more even. So artist, could you please make more images of Tails topping in gay art, please.. I'm literally forced to like something I don't, and that's Tails being bottom. And might I add that out of the 3 other people I know that absolutely love Tails as a character also don't like him bottom, giving me the theory that people that actually know and love his character don't even like the art he always receives and instead you attract others that don't know nor care about Tails, absolutely defeating the purpose of actually really making something real Tails fans want.) IMPORTANT Respect his dick. Respect him: Okay I need to let this be known to anyone reading this. Tails' NSFW art is a fucking disgrace to a badass and manly character. I can't even believe how disgustingly disrespectful and hateful the art fucking is. I honestly hate even having to talk about the abusive and vile shit that gets drawn daily, and to make things worse, people make a living off of drawing my absolute favourite character as if he was a joke: As if he isn't manly or badass.. I can't believe this is actually real... And as a fan of Tails am I suppose to "like" this? Am I meant to be "happy" my favourite character gets treated like dirt? Well I'm not!! I hate anyone who likes or has even made this garbage content to lessen his value or worth. Anyone who is my enemy will feel my fucking wrath I swearl!! Though a apology of your wrong doing will free you from this wrath of mine Him being badass, cute, and cuddly (Hey don't think I would count you SFW artist out, though this also does go towards NSWF as well.) I don't really know how to end this, so I'll just say. I love Tails! There is this video on YouTube by Drabaz Doug, called "Pain to Power - (An Inspirational Gohan Tribute) DBZ AMV" https://youtu.be/EkCs DNS8ATC Tails' NSFW is one of the biggest shits I've ever seen, not only did I expect better for Tails when joined the furry porn community, but I thought he was a beloved character. My nearly one year time spent in this community has drastically changed me and my false perception that Tails was liked. honestly feel attacked for liking Tails, because apparently Tails is a joke and means nothing to everyone, and because I actually have feelings towards Tails, then fuck me too, right What I find even more shit is when Tails would to fucking top for once in gay art, you get comments from these same people on IB every time on the content who are selfish assholes that have no right to say disrespectful stuff on that content, I don't understand why those people feel the need to come onto a rare supportive Tails picture that actually respects Tails only to talk bad about Tails and how he's "supposed to be treated like shit and get abused." Fuck you if you're one to do that, you already have millions of your Tails hate content, can you actually leave us Tails fans alone to enjoy what few we actual have to enjoy? Weeks ago I was looking at Twitter and I came across a Twitter account of someone who would RP Tails as a big dick top always with women and men, but after like two months the account disappeared never to be seen again. And I know exactly why, because he also hated Tails being bottom to both females and males all the fucking time, and he would repost these disrespectful images only to say "wow, Tails getting power bottomed by woman. Again. Isn't that sad that someone was like, "man Tails is badass surely his NSFW should reflect that?" But no, the opposite happens... Guess what? I was expecting the same! And also got disappointed... Usually when I talk about Tails being a hated character, people think I'm stupid for saying that, "because Tails gets all the girls". I don't know about that when artist don't draw Tails with females for the intent of Tails being praised, surely people should realize this when images with Tails and women are all about the females abusing Tails and have Tails being treated as if he's nothing but a toy because fuck Tails apparently. he for some reason doesn't deserve the Spider-Man 2 line "carefully, he's a hero" What about the cucking? People like to believe DreamcastZX1/SuperBunnyGT cucks Tails because "Tails gets respected all the time". Are you fucking kidding me? If that was why he would cuck anyone, you would be seeing Shadow, Silver, or Knuckles being cucked, not Tails. And if Tails was respected all the time, I as someone who only looks at Tails art wouldn't be complaining along with plenty others about Tails' art only being absurdly disrespectful all the time. DreamcastZX1/SuperBunnyGT cucks Tails because he generally hates Tails, even going as so far to disallow people to commission anything that has Tails depicted in a positive light. And worst of all, he inspired others to cuck Tails as well. Fuck DreamcastZX1/SuperBunny! e's a total bitch and I'm glad he's gone! But that doesn't stop the possibility of others trying to continue his shit cucking of Tails legacy And don't get me started on how people treat Tails as if he's a slut or a dick girl all the time! Whatever baseless crap makes people think the manly and high IQ Tails is somehow girly or a slut is fucking crazy! Are you people stupid, or talking about a completely different character? While Sonic somewhat gets the same treatment, realize that it's not really a problem because Sonic actually has plenty of artist's that treat him like king, and they at least draw Sonic respectfully muscular or accurately on model, unlike Tails.. Like I didn't sign up to look at Tails porn to see Tails wearing female clothing or make up, god shit like that is Seriously do people like what artists usually make Tails looking like? Kinda defeats the sexual appeal of Tails' young and manly appearance doesn't it? And the ass thing? How does a character who doesn't even have a ass get treated as if he does like all the time? it's ridiculous! He literally has the same body as the Mario brothers one way ticket to vomiting Again, I feel hated for actually liking Tails, and am I a freak for finding what he actually looks like attractive? Or at least him being given a muscular body if he must be drawn with a humanoid body? Isn't true love about loving someone for who they are and that you wouldn't change anything about them? And instead you change to be with them? It's now time for the people to speak up, as we want Tails to top consistently! I spent some time gathering screenshots of lots of people wanting Tails to top more. Guy writes an essay on why you can't draw porn of Tails that doesn't align with his tastes.