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Bad, Blade, and Bodies : @creepy.enemies Although it sounds disgusting and almost inhuman, body farms are a thing and they re becoming an increasingly important tool for forensic scientists. These patches of land have dozens of bodies scattered over them so that scientists can study how bodies decay... Sounds delightful, doesn't it? Story caption is continued in comments • MR CAHILL SUBMITTED BY LAWILDE - When Kirk and I made shivs in metals class and joked about using them to shank Mr. Cahill, I just assumed we were joking. I wasn’t even into metals class, but once we started dating he took an art class with me so I took a metals class with him. It was actually kind of fun and I was the only girl so I got a lot of attention. We made the shivs as one of our projects and the teacher told us it wasn’t funny. We faked like we threw them away, but we kept them as souvenirs and would joke about who we would stab - jailhouse style. We both hated Mr. Cahill. He taught calculus and it wasn’t that he was a bad person, he was just boring as hell. He had skin that looked gray and wore short sleeve shirts, bland ties, and brown slacks every day. If you looked up plain in the dictionary, you would see a picture of him. It was a few weeks later when Kirk and I went to see a movie on a Friday night that everything went shit-pot sideways. We were driving home, talking about the movie when he turned onto a road I didn’t recognize. A few minutes later we were sitting outside Mr. Cahill’s house. The only light that was on was in the living room. I was scared but followed Kirk to the window where we looked in and saw him sitting on the couch watching TV, dressed in the same clothes he wore at school. Things moved fast from there. We retrieved the shivs from the trunk of the car and crawled through an open window. I was certain we were just going to scare Mr. Cahill. At the edge of the living room, Kirk whispered, "Watch this," then screamed and ran across the room towards him. Mr. Cahill moved with the grace of a tiger as he sent Kirk flying into the wall. Mr. Cahill's hands suddenly went black, dark as night. There was a glint of steel at his fingertips. His razor blade fingernails slit Kirk from groin to neck. When Mr. Cahill turned to me, he smiled, his teeth now metal, and clearly very sharp. His eyes were red and he just looked at me and laughed. I ran. Ran like hell. I was able to escape and call the police. When they arrived they found Mr. Cahill watching TV with no signs of Kirk anywhere. (Cont below)