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This person sure does love his energy drinks: 10:55 1 = amazon Top reviews 328 customer reviews Amazon Customer · March 2, 2019 Verified Purchase I went from chump, to scump! This product is amazing. I was shooting at a .37 k/d and I felt like I was doing all the work having no success with any team on League play. I read about his drink through my brother because he watches the CWL, he's pretty much a pro. I ordered the 12 pack and as soon as I opened the can, I got squirted on really bad, all over my face. (I think this design just makes cans squirt regardless of them being shaken). Anyways, after I got squirted on, I drank the remaining half ounce of game fuel that remained and my eyes went sicko mode. I immediately jumped into league play and SLAYED. I went 10-7 on Hardpoint against guys that had the silver thing next to their name, I only have the bronze looking one because I got matched with trashcans early on. I lost 250-102, felt good. I just reached a new height and think I'm ready to quit my job to pursue full-time competitive Call of Duty. The Yellowish Orange can tastes good almost like a pineapple and orange had a child, so but I does the Red one, more like cherries and sugar. The blue tastes like blue airheads. Finally, the green tastes like what I imagine the hulks sweat tastes like, only mildly delicious. The cap design is horrible, I don't like being squirted on. Other than that, I'm pretty satisfied knowing I can replace Optic Scump and all I needed was Game Fuel. 106 people found this helpful v Thank you for your feedback. Report This person sure does love his energy drinks

This person sure does love his energy drinks

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Ars technia has spaghetti code once again