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Memes, 🤖, and Art: what the houses are Ravenclaw is starting that new projectwithout finishing the one from yesterday, emessy rooms, taas theology textbook one day and 3am Stephen King novel the next cloud watching. star gaaing, cups of tea paired with random musings, quirky nicknames, having someone constantly read your feelings, wonderfulkind of sleepy, knee high socks, coffee dates in litte cafes re-reading favourte childhood books, art time-lapses, constant fddlino. Hufflepuff is when you grip someone's hand mid horror movie, blanket forts the feeling of taking off your bra at the end of the day, when You find that perfect ght for someone,ice cream dates on sunny days, knowing there's ashoulder to cry on you need it, the fuzzy feeling of making someone umle, pep talks toasting marshmallows, falling asleep on someone's shoulder moments of holy crapthat's the timer walking on newlyfalen autumn leaves swing through your hair, cold slass of water on a hot Gryffindor is.. when the teacher says youte day working pains and you and your friend Sytherin late nght dives, passing notes in immediately look at each other, the sting ota class, telling awesome horror stories, the glint good hi five, when your stomach drops on a someone's eye when they know something that roler coaster, air gutat, laughing until you cry, you don't, feeworks, checking water snowbal fights, locking up lame conspiracy temperature with the tp of your toes, truth or theories, taking through a movie, smiling at dare, marble sculptures, the satisfaction of strangers getting into bed after a long day, knowing youre right, scented candles, walking cheesy pick-up lines, running your fingers aroundin an empty house, hide and seek, colections, being told a secret, Thanks for 58k guys

Thanks for 58k guys