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Africa, Bilbo, and Confused: Debate Emerges After Native American Woman Tells Black Woman to 'Keep Hands Off Our Culture' ) 2405 。 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter G Like 46K Tweet Cheyanne's PSA referencing rapper Omerettà The Great (right) spurred a chain reaction of comments online. (@N3VChey/@omeretta4l) Michael Huck Harrison Destroyer at Self-Employed Once again, the real native Americans were black peopie from Africa... They migrated to that piece of the land while the land masses were still connected (Pangea & Gondwanaland. The other so called native Americans crossed the Barrien Strait into the America's during the "lce Age" and black folks were waiting on them.. The shit is so deep and that's why people hate our guts! We are the original people of this earth... It's the same thing in Europe, Asia, Antartica and Australia. This is FACTS and the caucasians scientists know the TRUTH! Like-Reply-山608 . Aug 9, 2017 6:26pm Carol Brown Dallas, Texas Another intelligent brother! Like-Reply- 97 . Aug 9, 2017 7:09pm La'Donna Williams Peace to that Like Reply 43 23 hrs black-girl-against-feminism: mistah-oso: inked-up-nomad: nunyabizni: ihavenotyetfiguredoutanything: presidentialpostings: officialfist: nunyabizni: WE WUZ NATUV AMERIKKKANS Wait so they’re arguing that they can use things from that culture because life originated somewhere near Africa and spread out? Surely then that negates the entire idea of cultural appropriation. Surely then white people can’t “culturally appropriate” any culture since we are all one culture by this logic? I’m so confused. No logic here, we’re doing unadulteratedly stupid reasons why “it’s ok when we do it” now. As usual, large amounts of hypocrisy replaced their self awareness. @siryouarebeingmocked@black-girl-against-feminismhave you seen this fresh shit? 
Mya, Pangea, and Photo: 3 8 First ever aerial photo of Pangea c. 335 mya (colorized)

First ever aerial photo of Pangea c. 335 mya (colorized)

Africa, America, and Memes: AMERICA AFRICA NegusNetwork 1798 A D. @Regrann from @negusnetwork - Per the British Museum in 1798, these are the emblems - images as representations of the autochthonous - indigenous people of such land mass. Know the difference between autochthonous & native. Notice the EXACT same wardrobe, from headdress to "ToeDress". In aMARuca - aMERica - aMURica, the WAR bonnet or headdress consisted of bird feathers & the primary weapon, of course... was the bow & arrow. In Kemet (war), Ramses - Ramessu and-or his horse wore a feathered headdress while Ramses holds a bow & arrow. In KMT, the different feathered crowns represented war, justice, order etc. The Yoruba tradition, Ochosi - Ogun - Shango is also seen wearing a bird feather headdress w- a bow & arrow. In the Hindu practice, MURugan - Kartikeya - Rudra (the Fierce one) or the war diety, is also depicted with bird feathers & a bow & arrow. EVERY single diety has been depicted to wear the leopard - jaguar skin cloth from the Yoruba of West Africa, to Kemet down to Ethiopia, to india to the Americas. In the Helios Biblos (Holy Bible), it speaks of the Anakim - Anak as the ORIGINAL inhabitants of palestine BEFORE the Canaanites, who were a WARLIKE CUSHITE tribe and the same race as the phoenicians and egyptians (kemites). In the ancient times, Ta Seti, which means the "Land of the BOW" consists of Sudan - Ethiopia. Mind you, the Anuak - Anak people of Sudan - Ethiopia, who are also the predecessor - ancestor of the Kemites, are the oldest - tallest giants (Nephilim - anakim - rephraim etc). You MUST unlearn, EVERYTHING, you have learned. AintNoAliensBih Autochthonous Pangea Olmec Negro BritishMuseum MaUr ZiggURat SuMERia LeMURia TaMERi AMARuMURu AMOR AMERica Moloch PlumedFeather Indigo Anu TaSeti Tehuti Teotihuacan Viracocha TheyCameBeforeColumbus MORoMORo - regrann
America, Empire, and Energy: <p><a class="tumblr_blog" href="http://theonion.tumblr.com/post/138676109736" target="_blank">theonion</a>:</p> <blockquote> <h2> <b><a href="http://onion.com/1K0Cr4o" target="_blank">Parallel World Leaders Meet In Washington For Interdimensional Summit</a></b> </h2> <p>WASHINGTON—Teleporting via wormhole from points across all of space and time, thousands of parallel world leaders have arrived in Washington, D.C. for this year’s interdimensional summit, sources reported Wednesday.</p> <p>Organizers confirmed President Obama has greeted heads of state from more than 2,000 alternative realities, a gathering of leaders that includes 139 different versions of himself, a parallel U.S. president Mitt Romney, a pulsing being of pure electrostatic energy, Earth-7491’s King Lyndon B. Johnson IV, and a hooded group of unspeaking figures known only as “the Council.”<br/></p> <p>The annual talks are expected to focus once again on brokering trade agreements among the parallel worlds, as well as officially admitting the governments of Neo-Pangea and the Corporate States of America, LLC into the group, and confronting the Roman Empire’s continued tyranny across much of the infinite set of possible world histories.</p> <p><b><a href="http://onion.com/1K0Cr4o" target="_blank">More</a></b>.</p> </blockquote>

theonion: Parallel World Leaders Meet In Washington For Interdimensional Summit  WASHINGTON—Teleporting via wormhole from points across al...