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Toy Review (clearly frustrated, phallicly challenged guy): <huesei Male Pôc'kët Pu'ssys for Men Self Pleasur... Tommy Gufano No Convincing, No Judging Eyes, No Cleanup. Hassle-Free Nut. October 23, 2019 I bought a huesei pocket pussy (whom I named Helen) last week and have been extremely satisfied. No hassle of buying dinner, sitting through all of Titanic, then spending an hour coaxing and bargaining. You don't have to worry about getting a consent form signed. She doesn't spend months telling you she's not that kind of girl or sarcastically apologizing for not being some hussy or hoebag. My only complaint is that I found Helen extremely spacious. Surprising because all my girlfriends are always saying things like "Oh your weiner is so huge, I don't know ifI can make sex again because I'm so worn out from taking your big weiner". And I've had a bunch of girlfriends. Hot ones. The box said "Size S" on it so I guess S stands for Super Big or Substantiatial Girth or it's German for XXL. I had another gift card so I ordered another one and stuffed one inside the other to make sort of a Helen turducken. It works great and is kinda like two chicks at the same time. One way street to pound town. After doing a super long marathon sesh, the refractory period and cleanup are about a sinch. No jack bib required, no condoms (unless you purchased it pre- owned). No crying because you didn't do it right or made her a sinner. I'm a non-smoker but If you do enjoy a poke and a smoke, she won't mind. Like the Toronto Raptors, it's great with load management. Once you fill her up, just pop the jizz dispenser open and empty it into a trash can or potted plant. This product is dishwasher safe. I wash it once a week (every 35-40 uses) without any other dishes in the dishwasher. I know soap kills everything but still, I don't want the thing I've been blasting loads into all week in with the cups I drink my chocolate milk out of. I've only had it for a week or two but the description says it's durable and "heirloom quality" so I guess that means you can pass it down from generation to generation. I don't know if I'll do that but good to have the option. Toy Review (clearly frustrated, phallicly challenged guy)

Toy Review (clearly frustrated, phallicly challenged guy)