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: marauders4evr I still say the most unrealistic part of Harry Potter was that there wasn't a scene where Hermione found 16 year old Harry in a shopping cart on top of the Astronomy Tower while 16 year old Ron stood by with Colin's camera because if the prophecy says that he has to die via Voldemort then that means nothing else can kill him ergo there's no way this could possibly go wrong... marauders4evr spaceship-amie honestly the MOMENT harry found out about the prophecy he should've created a wizards jackass Harry: Owill now drink eightglasses of milkin threeminutes. Hermione: Nope! Nonyou won't! No, you won't. trickstergames @blackkatmagic joisbishmyoga 1. Hermione does not need the extra stress, she's already a frazzled mess from her academics, poor kid 2. Suddenly I realize how very much JKR (and, admittedly, a lot of the rest of us) have forgotten about being teenagers milkshakesandknives But, we all know Slytherins get involved too. Mainly because Draco has the mindset of "anything potter can do, I can do better!" the ean't) But, I'll it would take is for Harry to say is "scared Malfoy?" and there Draco is in a shopping cart next to Potter ready to race down the astronomy tower themiscyra1983 "DRACO EVEN IF HARRY IS RIGHT IN HIS ABSOLUTELY DAFT INTERPRETATION OF PROPHECY, THE PROPHECY DOESN'T COVER YOU" "LEAVE IT, Granger, I'm DOING this" "HE'S DOING THIS HERMIONE" marauders4evr YES THESE ARE THE QUALITY ADDITIONS I WANT ON MY POSTS! marauders4evr died-by-gendering replied to your post: I still say the most unrealistic part Aa I Except that Dumbledore told Hary that not all prophecies come true Draco and Harry, already halfway down the tower with no chance of stopping or slowing down: He said WHA mzuul I had to draw it.. PAWN