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pawn shop: t3 jon hendren Retweeted ChuckGrassley @ChuckGrass... . 1/6/12 v Ocassionally I turn to History channel hope to c history. Whenevr will the history channel hv a real old fashion histry program 330330 34 t3 jon hendren Retweeted ChuckGrassley @ChuckGras... 2/25/12 Just love history. So occasionally I turn they put history back on the channel h 37 to history channel. "mud cats" when wi 13 665 729 t3 jon hendren Retweeted ChuckGrassley @ChuckGras.. 3/10/12 v Just tuned to History channel. Once again no history 34 618478 tajon hendren Retweeted ChuckGrassley@ChuckGras... .6/23/12 v I've turned to history. Channel. Several times this wkend always Pawn Shop. No history. Change nAme of channel to no history 220 5,092 5,737 tajon hendren Retweeted ChuckGrassley@ChuckGras.. 6/28/13 History on the history channel. Yes history. Attila the Hun Rite now h 90 561481 tRjon hendren Retweeted ChuckGrassley. @ChuckGras...-7/26/14 Quite lucky. Tonite there is actually history on the channel w that name Finally!!! h 31 241308 t3 jon hendren Retweeted ChuckGrassley @ChuckGra... 12/12/15 Quick before its too late. Go to History Channel. It actually has history NOW わ25 306571 t3 jon hendren Retweeted ChuckGrassley@ChuckGra.. 12/29/16 v If u don't like history now is time to go HISTORY CHANNEL and u can watch PAWN STARS 125 1.7 955 1,880 t3 jon hendren Retweeted ChuckGrassley @chuckGras... 6/27/14 There is history on the History Channel rite now Tune in before they go to sWamp man 2,237 3,512 78