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Cars, Crazy, and Dogs: Hi, is this the person looking for a graphic designer? Yes! Wow you're quick. We just put the ad up 30 minutes ago Well, in this biz the early bird gets the worm. Can you tell me a little bit about the project? Sure, we need a logo for an Italian restaurant my husband and are opening called Tomato Tomato. It's probably easier if we can talk on the phone, mind if I give you a ring? That's no good I'm at my current design job and I would be taking this on as a freelance job, so I can't talk about other projects on company time. Sorry. Ok, well feel free to call me after you leave work. In the meantime do you have a website or some work online that I can take a look at? Sure, I can text you a few recent projects, hold on One Sec Great! Thanks! This is one I finished a couple weeks ago A+ CAR ORGANIZATION That's good. No offense but has anyone ever told you that it's sorta phallic? No, what is that? It kinda looks like a penis. lol. I guess I can kinda see that? I never noticed Here is one I'm really proud of. It's for my friend Omar's Hotdog kiosk in the mall CRAZY WAGON Your friend Omar was ok with this? Yeah, why wouldn't he be? That totally looks like someone putting a penis in their mouth What? No that's a man enjoying a tasty hot dog. I'm not sure we can work together. I didn't know you were gunna be some kind of pervert client... Both logos you have shown me look like penises! It doesn't take a pervert to see that! I took a stab at a possible design for your restaurant I'd love to hear your thoughts T8MAR WE'RE NOT DICKIN' AROUND OPEN WIDE FOR SOME HOT ITALIAN "SAUSAGE" What the hell is wrong with you! Level 99 graphic design skills