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Narutard goes sage mode: all 81%. 17:40 be in high SC /r9k/42628703 5 hours ago Anonymous 42628703 >be in high school, year 11 at the beginning of the year i end up befriending a fellow called Max the more i get to know him the more i find out he is a massive fighting anime nerd and absolutely loves martial arts and has even gone so far as to teach himself Tijutsu from Naruto, however no one else seems to know other than his close friends also in thia class is a bully called Sykesey who is nigh on impervious to trouble because the school gives him an easy time because his dad left trouble starts when Max knocks a test tube out of Sykseys hand by accident after class Skysey confronts Max and gives him a punch to the stomach and claps his ears and tells Max to "know your place prick" Max then utters a phrase, through his tears that i will never forget >"So begins the 5th great ninja 0 wat.Png little did i know that Max was going to conduct a all out war against Syksey after the weekend has passed, Max comes into school and tells his friends to find Syksey because "this ends today >Legit think hes going to shoot the school up or something he goes to the bathroom and returns in a black Gi and he has the makeup of fucking Hashirama Seniu whatthefuck. Jpeg. Png confronts Syksey in the dinner room courtyard Max clasps his hands together and yells "WOOD STYLE, WILLIW LIMBS JUTSU!" >Syksey doesnt seem to give a shit and throws a punch at Max feints the punch and gives him three consecutive cracks to the side with his forearms >Syksey is pissed and goes ape mode Max keeps fucking dodging Syksey and lightly slaps him each time Syksey misses >Syksey is in a blind rage after a while Syksey is slowing down Max makes more handsigns and then yells "WOOD STYLE, OAK LIMBS JUSTU" begins pummling Skysey with his fists and palms beats him so severely that Sykey begins bleeding continues to beat him until Skysey passes out Thus the first battle was concluded 7 REPLIES H+ 、11 81 % 17:40 >be in high sc rSk/42628703 AC : Anonymous 4 hours ago 42629676 >>42629543 Part Il- Tooth retrieval arc >so things were mostly quiet after the sound beating Max gave to Syksey, bar the odd n nasty look and push in the corridor (by Syksey), things were on the whole quiet this was until an unfortunate weekend where Syksey got blind drunk with his mates and someone brought up the fact that he got beat up by a "naruto kid" >Sykseys mates think this is hilarious and wind him up into a drunkern rage >Syksey sets off to find Max Actually finds the guy when hes walking home with me from a friends house Max never saw the thing coming until Syksey jumped on him and beat him with a tree branch knocked Max's two front teeth clean out Max being the tough cookie he is is laid prone on the floor with tears running down his face and blood everywhere >when Syksey is walking away Max screams the haunting words "IM NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE, DEATH REAPER SEAL JUTSU!" before passing out this time Max looses the war is far from lost though part 3 coming soon, really sorry lads, getting fucked with assignments Anonymous 3 hours ago 42630176 Part lll- reaper death seal >So after the incident in 42629676 Max has been real upset bumped his martial arts from 2/3 sessions a weeek to every the guys is going at it HARD hes been real quiet at school too, the only coherent conversation that we can get from himk is that he wants to "Be strong enough to destroy Sykseys soul" and "i cast the death seal, i cant go back now" this guy takes his Naruto shit very seriously unexpectedly Syksey decides to return to his old bullying ways and trips Max in the corridor this is it, like a coiled spring Max begins weaving hands signs and growling legit think this kid is going to have a seizure "REAPER DEATH SEAL ohfuckthisisit.png.jpeg.exe.w inrar Max begind with a two armed claw grab at Sykseys upper arms Real pimncer grip going on because Syksey lets out a yelp from this position max yells WOOD STYLE OAKEN SKIN JUTSU" proceeds to swing his noggn forward and crack Skysey right on the uupper lip and nose like a jackhammer, Max pummles Skysey with his own Teacher tried to timidly get involves "LEAVE ME WOMAN I HAVE CAST THE SEAL >Syksey is trying to flail with his legs and catches Max on the knee and wriggles free from his grip bloody and scasred Syksey tried to run >Max stands stock still and gets into a crouching position "gate of Joy, OPEN" sprints at full tilt at the fleeing Skysey >spear tackles the fella to the ground >Max then consecutivly pummels the back of the guys head with his arms and fists until iother students pull the guy off of the bullt Max has entered beast mode thus concludes the penultimate saga 5 REPLIES Anonymous 1 hour ago 42632214 The end of the 5th great ninja ar ptl as mentioned before, Syksey was given an easy time due to Over the course of year 11 and lowwer sixth form, his fa- ther returned and brought with him Sykseys older brother, Jez mow Jez is mean, real fucking nasty piece of work and knew how to get under peoples skin at this time, Max had lost a good friend to a bus accident it, despite efforts by his other reall on himself and broiled his Now when Jez learned of this he egged Syksey on to nark on Max about it after learning what Max had done too. >Syksey begins his war of attrition against max, saying nasty shit about this friend begins sending letters to Mcax's house sig dead friend just to get under Max ay at to be exact, syksey goes all out with his bastardness and tells max that his friend probably killed himself to get away from >this hits max hard, real hard finding him later i bathrooms, hes been crying a lot but he has his Senju makeup on and its running fuckinghellthisissad.png through his tyears, Max utters 'Anon, i need to end this before i loose my ninja way >shit is Ma on Naruto? he then weaves many hand igns and says, t gritted teeth "Sage art wood release, True several thousand hands 3 REPLIES Anonymous 41 minutes ago 42632680 The end of the great 5th ninja war pt II_Valley of the Friday passes when i witness the feel that was Max g through his Senju makeup cryn >he simply finds Syksey and challenges him outright max is visibly really torn up and Syksey agrees to a fight at a local recreation ground with a shit eating smug grin >Max leaves and begins to meditate in the max misses his final classes to meditate >find him after school with bloodshot eyes and redone makeup, this time he has continued his makeup down to his shoulders and collarbone >he has his black gGi on, but instead of being tied up, its hung across his shoulders with his sleeves dangling and his arms crossed on his chest thisshitisserious.config >Max seems to be in some sort of sage mode >Me and other friends decide to follow the guy >Makes his way to the rec ground where Skysey has brought two of his friends >Maxyoucantdothis>exe try to convince him out of it, theres three fuckers there, hes going to die si brought my mates with me ik think they want to fuck you up too, like your dead friend Max, dont worry youll see him soon >Max raises his hand and beckons them >Max's friend on his left lunges straight for Max >He dodges, and brings a knee up and an elbow across this kids throat Friend lets out a yelp and falls over In order to get their friend, both others rush Max,Max dodges every single fucking blow and responds by hammering them both with his orearms this goes on, the dodging and hammering until max Breaks one of Sykseys ribs Friend who fell over is back up by this time and tackles Max from behind except he doesnt, Max, in sage mode hadnt forgotten about the other friendd and swings his leg around and catches the guy square in the stomach the kid vomits and collpases >Syksey is in rage mode and lands a punch and a other friend twats Max across the ear and splits Maxs ear 4 REPLIES 26 minutes ago max with split ear provides a road of SAGE ART WOOD RELEASE, SEVERAL THOUSAND HANDS taking a small jump backwards, Max springs, full force into Skyseys other friend and floors the guy on top of him, Max relases a flurry of punches straight into the guys nose and face Max isnt stopping until, Skysey runs into Max this is it, the final fight >Skysey brings his body at full speed, trying to hit Max jumpes out of the way and brings his knee up into Sykseys >a sicken ing crunch ensues while prone on thwe floor Max mounts Syksey and begins hammerng his fists against Sykesys back an wailing and roaring through his tears, Max continues to pummel Syksey takes me and 4 of his friends to pull him off of sey while laid on the ground, Max utters '"I avenged you my friend, please rest in peace thus ended the 5th great shinobi war or 3 REPLIES Narutard goes sage mode