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Blessed boyfriend: A twentyonelizards Deactivated things my boyfriend has done - urgently marched into A&E and said 'we're having knee painll' to the confused receptionist. i had to explain that it was only my knee and that he was just worried - when asked to tag me in a meme of what water are you?", said 'you are the ocean: home to all friends' - loved filthy gorgeous' and, rather than learning the words, learned 'all three parts in the song where they ring a triangle - after we had an argument about him not 'getting' my ADHD, i caught him halfway through a three hour playlist of lectures on ADHD, with a pen in hand, taking notes - he suffered a TBI last summer and he did not like the orienting questions they ask ('what year is it? what day is it?' etc). when asked 'do you know where you are?', he cracked one eye open and angrily said 'in bed!' - he played knack 2 and hated it. when i asked why he was still playing it, he said 'so i never have to play it again'. he got every achievement and as soon as he got the last one he stood up, ejected the disc and returned it to the store - lately he's given up on making lunch so he just drinks huel which is a meal replacement shake, except huel is kind of boring so he sometimes puts nesquick strawberry powder in there - my favourite drink is pepsi max. when asked about his dreams for the future, they often involve 'being rich enough to find a way to pump pepsi max directly into our house' - one time in our first year of dating i hadn't seen him in weeks, whereas we normally saw each other all day every day, so i was gonna go stay with him for a couple days. he had a temporary job (i'm talking 2 weeks total) at the time and i was bummed that i was gonna be alone at his for a bit, but wie. he was texting me like work is going okay, in the line for the canteen right now' while i got on the bus. i found the key where he said it was, i found a note on the table like 'hi lovel the wifi code is [password], I'll be back at 51', and then I went into the lounge and he was there. he was lying on a fold-out bed with Marvin Gaye playing. the TV was on a powerpoint slide that said 'Welcome, Jess. I quit my job.' he was entirely naked except for a cushion with the letter 'D' over his crotch. im 95% sure there were candles - we play the game Rimworld, where you micromanage a colony of people on an alien planet. he uses it entirely to simulate a peaceful colony, mostly of women, who have a large number of animals they care for and train. one time he got this random event where all the women in the colony got a psychic mood boost and he was like 'honestly that's my life goal - when he was in hospital and his cognitive functions were slowly coming back, he looked up from twitter with horror and said jess... is the american president a racist?" - we were playing Articulate, which is a game where you have to describe a word without saying the word itself. His partner said 'when you're beginning sex, you are...'. he, without a second of hesitation, yelled 'FOREPLAY'. the answer was actually 'initiating', but my ego grew like fourteen times - one time he asked me what guacamole was, and i told him, and he said 'if it's made up of things that already have names why does it have a different name?' i have not let him live this down yet - i used to have an eating disorder, and whilst i'm good 99.9% of the time now i occasionally do have wobbles. one time i'd eaten some mini-donuts and i told him 'i kind of want to check the calories on those...', so he immediately pulled the label off and ate it - i lost him for like twenty minutes at a uni event, and when i found him he presented me with a pepsi max badge and said 'i rode this mechanical bull to try and win you a year's supply but i fell off pretty quickly. sorry. - we won the 'best couple' award in our year at uni, but neither of us were there to collect it because i was ill and he left halfway through to come home and take care of me - one time he wasn't paying attention while making lunch and he cracked an egg directly into the bin. the look of confusion on his face was priceless. - on the rare occasions when i wake up before him, when i kiss him/ touch him he makes these little like... activation sounds? you know like when you touch a cat? it's like those Blessed boyfriend

Blessed boyfriend

They made the apple juice at our school €99, i dont know how or why. But they did.: Apfelsat SAptelsaft.zentrat 100 % Saft dem Offner ut schütteln. Nach dem Öffnenuhl und innecralb von 3 Tagen verbrauchen erGold DK Appelsinjuice fra koncentrat Ingredienser: appelsinjuice frakonetet Bedst før: se top Rystes før brug. Opbevares i koleskab ta Holdbar 3 dage efter ábning S Apeisinjuice från koncentrat 10 Ingredieer apelsinjuice från koncent askorbins Bäst för Omskaka 3 dagar ylförvaring Durchschestliche Nährwerte/Naæringsindhold/ Naringewärde/Przeciętne wartości odżywcze sbixoitnc 6inec rgomeuiuinieleggs 1eanaibonpal Ensaft got 92 nol fabs 19fte deleelox i 2916vedq0 pund 1ot este prinds nets ops 16db Pro/Pr. 100m Per/W 100 ml Energy/Wartosć energetyczna Femt Fact/Fett/ Fhuszcz ao geatigte Fetäyre e00r tetneon0 nbnt 9aluinielsqA txJadneonox nit 9oiuinialeqen1eniben topp opnad förpackning a it arkonzentrat B% Saft 170 L1/ al Rattat fett /w fedtsyrer/ Cue yanidi USZCZOWE nasycone Og trate Kolbydrat/Weglowodany eyu So ny demaro pastery 9,99 ukkerarter awtym cukry Składni pomarańczowy z Jie /44 kcal pro 100 ml soku pomarafizoweg zagęszcz 9,5g acz: kwas askorbinowy Najlepiezyć przed: podane u gr Przed ol em wstrząsnąc. Po otware przechowywac W lodówcee dlużej niż 3 dnl. el przeciw 20KN UCOMedo YWoRnates AW 0% wonic ed sosinelhwien nog u ens ng sytoge pigaiah 0% 0g bi he oben worogng uo N 9tulb ain sawd BA.ee 3 OP 99.00 49 99.00 40 2.00 Le111.1 FLOL 0,33 Le/11.1 FLO Calorie-arme frisdrank met natuurlijke pant Low calorie soft drink with natural plantextrads Ingrediënten: koolzuurhoudend water, ers (E950, E951), voedingszuren (338 B330,2 cafeine en natuurlijke plantenextracten) met zoetstoffen. eteners frisdrank met natuurlijke plantenextracten, met zoetstoffen./ mel E150d).zoetstoffen aar E331),aroma's (o.a. Ttaam (een bron van a drink with natural plant extracts, with sweeteners. nccoolzaurhoudend water, kleurstof (karamel E150d), zoetstoffen 5Pedingszuren (E338, E330), zuurteregelaar (E331), aroma's (0.a. atuurifj ke plantenextracten). Bevat aspartaam (een bron van jlAngredients:carbonated water, colour (caramel E150d), sweeteners LGS (E338, E330),acidity regulator (E331), flavourings (ind.caffeine acis.Contains aspartame (a source of phenylalanine). atnel E150d), weeteners ), flavourings (incl. caffeine phenylalanine). (E950, E951), acids (338, 830), acidity rega and natural plant extracts). Contains aspartame edingswaardel anúmmal kalue 3 koal(<1% fenylalanine)./Ingredients:carbonated a (Y0) 99 (096") per 100 ml per 330ml Gemiddelde voedingswaarde Average nutritional value 13 kcal (<1% (0% 6,6kJ/ 2KJ 0,4kcal 0 g vetzuren %0) <1%) alu (0%) 04 rates hich sugars (096) alu 0g 09 09 vetten/fat waarvan verzadigde vetzuren of which saturates koolhydraten/carbohydrates waarvan suikers/of which sugars eiwitten/protein Zout/salt energie/energy 0,29 0,03g(<1%") 0,06 g 0,019 A can is 330 n ee ntie-inname van een gemiddelde volwassene (8400k 0 Reference intake of an average adult PEPSI MAX. PEPSI-COLA and the Peps Glb the Pepsi Globe are Uikje is 330 ml./A canis330m A nde zie bodem blik. bedore end see registered trademarks of Pepsit Tenminste houdbaar tot einde zie Koel en droog bewaren base of can. Store cool and dry Vrumona Consumemtenservice eD BUNNI 30 ml (8400 kJ/2000 kcal) 66K 3 kca AVE Nederland. Tel. 0800-8786662 g www.vrumona.nl 1.00 50 1.00 59 1.00 S Referenzmenge für einen durchschnittlichen Erwachsenen etefe 00 kcal 400 KJ/20001 indtag for en voKsen (8400 kJ/2 3400 kJ/2000 kcal)/ faunapazidep Referensintag för en geno tość ReferencyGrOstei (8400 k)/2000 kc p hquso Mindes S 001RO08090 06080 n2090L pe si AXIMUM TASTE They made the apple juice at our school €99, i dont know how or why. But they did.

They made the apple juice at our school €99, i dont know how or why. But they did.