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Abc, Being Alone, and America: . Outdoor cats face danger from cars, disease, predators and cruel humans Domestic cats DO NOT belong outdoors as they're not a natural part of our ecosystem. They're a genetically modified species & a non-native, invasive predator Cats kill up to 3.7 billion birds 20.7 billion mammals, 800 million lizards and 300 million frogs every year. . Domestic pets like dogs & ferrets & even exotic pets like snakes & lizards do not roam free & hunt outside. Why should cats? A 2011 study indicates that cats have caused the extinction of 33 species of birds, mammals and reptiles kaijutegu: fantasticbeastsandhowtokeepthem: wildlife-rehabilitator: hotcommunist: withgoldenfire: hotcommunist: findchaos: wildlife-rehabilitator: Some of you may have seen my reply to a post and the ask I received about outdoor cats, so here is a little infographic about outdoor cats. Don’t let your cats outside.Don’t let your cats outside.Don’t let your cast outside. No exceptions. Nope, I don’t care if Muffles is super-special and adventurous. Nope, still don’t care that it’s different where you live. Please refer to the original bullet points.  (*gets ready to hit ‘Block’ on a thousand angry cat owners*) this is a mess have you gobshites genuinely never fucking heard of farm cats jesus wept, if i never see another fucking townie animal rights activist it’ll be too fucking soon. the current political system we live under doesn’t give a fuck about nature. wildlife charities have had a huge downward swoop in donations due to the recession caused by the powers that be, fracking is being done on national parks and nature reserves, roads are hastily built through wildlife rich areas and adequate warning signage is not provided… but no, it’s us ordinary people and our pesky outdoor cats that are the cause of…extinct….species…? really? is this the hill u want to die on OP??? get back 2 me I’m not refuting that humans kill far more animals than cats do, but over a billion animals are killed annually in the US by outdoor cats. That’s also a huge problem. I’m also aware that wildlife rescue organizations are losing donations - I’m the vice president and co-founder of a 501©(3) non-profit organization and not only do we scrape by on small donations while dozens of animals come in a month, many of which are injured by cats. We just had to euthanize a yearling squirrel because it was mauled by a cat and had full hind-end paralysis from the attack. Believe me, I understand. “An estimated 60 to 88 million cats are owned in the US and an estimated 60 million more are feral… While loss of habitat is the primary cause of extinction, cats are responsible for the extinction of 33 species of birds worldwide. Cats kill an estimated 480 million birds per year (assuming eight birds killed per feral cat per year.)” That is a grossly conservative number, and only accounts for feral cats, not outdoor pets. And that’s just birds. Plus the other wildlife that are killed by cats annually. Here’s another resource, a smaller scale research program called Kitty Cams: “Hunting cats captured an average of 2 items during seven days of roaming. Carolina anoles (small lizards) were the most common prey species followed by Woodland Voles (small mammals). Only one of the vertebrates captured was a non-native species (a House Mouse).” From the same group: “44% of cats were witnessed stalking or chasing prey; 30% captured wildlife.” An article from Mental Floss, sources listed at the bottom of the article:  “84 million House cats in the United States 4 to 18 Birds killed by a typical house cat every year 8 to 21 Small mammals killed by a typical house cat every year 30 million to 80 million Free-roaming, feral cats estimated to be living in the United States. They either survive alone or live in colonies. In Washington, D.C., for example, there are estimated to be some 300 outdoor cat colonies. 23 to 46 Birds killed by each feral cat every year 129 to 338 Small mammals killed by each feral cat every year 1.4 billion to 3.7 billion Total birds killed by America’s cats every year 15 Percentage of all bird deaths estimated to come at the hands — er, paws — of cats 6.9 billion to 20.7 billion Total small mammals killed by cats every year” From a report on ABC News: “Cats are responsible for the deaths of 1.4 to 3.7 billion birds and 6.9 to 20.7 billion mammals every year, according to research conducted by the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.” From the American Bird Conservancy: “If we extrapolate the results of this study across the country and include feral cats, we find that cats are likely killing more than 4 billion animals per year, including at least 500 million birds.” (Also you’re putting your cat in unnecessary danger from tons of different threats by letting them outside unsupervised. So even if you don’t wanna give a shit about wildlife, maybe try giving a shit about your cat’s health life.) (Also farm cats are often not treated well, not provided with proper veterinary care, and there are other options for rodent control that doesn’t put other wildlife in as much danger) also consider: this is 100% something that you, as an individual, can do to mitigate some of the natural disaster that is the anthropocene. We’re on track to lose something like 80% of global biodiversity by the end of the century, and there’s almost nothing that your average citizen can do about it. But keeping your cats inside to help preserve local biodiversity and mitigating the damage that ferals do is actually something that you can do. 
Animal, Guide, and Poacher: An animals guide to reducing that pesky poacher population

An animals guide to reducing that pesky poacher population

Choose One, Cute, and Elf: INKTOBER DUNGEONS & DRAGONS EDITION MIx & MATCH! MONSTERS HUMANOIDS WEEK 1: GLASSIC WEEK 1: GLASS 1. DRAGON 2. SKELETON OR ZOMBIE 3. MIMIC 4. OWLBEAR 5. OOzE 6. OGRE OR TROLL .MIND FLAYER ● FIGHTER OR BARBARIAN 2. ROGUE 3. BARD 4. RANGER OR DRUID 5. SPELLCASTER CLASS 6. MONK .CLERIC OR PALADIN WEEK 2: CUTE WEEK 2: PLAYER RACE 8. FAERIE DRAGON 8. DWARF 9. FLUMPH 10. HOMUNCULOUS I1.MODRONE 12. BULLYWUG 13. PIXIE OR SPRITE 14. PEGASUS OR UNICORN 9. ELF/ DROW/HALF-ELF T0. GNOME 11. TIEFLING 12. ORC/HALF-ORC 3. DRAGONBORN 14. HALFLING WEEK 3: YOUR CHOICE WEEK 3: EXPANSION RACE 15. ELEMENTAL T6. FIEND 17. CELESTIAL 18. GIANT 9. UNDEAD 20. MONSTROSITY 21. ABERRATION S.GENASI 6. AASIMAR 17. YUAN-TI 8.AARAKOCRA 19. GOLIATH 20. GITH 21. BUGBEAR WEEK 4: HORRIFIC WEEK 4: HUMANOID 22. BEHOLDER 23. GRICK 24. HOOK HORROR 25. NOTHIC 26. ROPER 21GIBBERING MOUTHER 28. STIRGE 22.GOBLIN OR HOBGOBLIN 23. KOBOLD 24. THRI-KREEN 25. KENKU 26. GNOLL 27. LIZARDFOLK OR MERFOLK 28. LYCANTHROPE FINAL BOSS FIGHT PESKY OL HUMANS 29. LICH 30. KRAKEN 31. TARRASQUE 29. CULTIST OR ACOLYTE 30. BAN DIT OR PIRATE 31. KNIGHT OR GUARD CRYINGMANLYTEARS.TUMBLR.COM cryingmanlytears: I try to do Inktober like every year and I fail every time. I may try again and I will most certainly fail around the 13 or 14th day, but I’m still going to try and I think that’s what’s important. I was trying to find some good prompts but nothing was sticking out so I started looking for a DD one but didn’t find anything I wanted. The thing is there’s just SO MUCH content so I made this prompt myself and kept it very flexible. You can stick to one column or go week to week, choose one side or the other, or whatever you wanna do. Oh, by the way, for Week 1 of Humanoids, by ‘spellcaster class’ I mean wizard, sorcerer or warlock but that wouldn’t fit.

cryingmanlytears: I try to do Inktober like every year and I fail every time. I may try again and I will most certainly fail around the 13 o...

Life, Reality, and Dig: Shatter that pesky sense of reality and dig deep into these real-life optical illusions. #illusions #perspective #fun

Shatter that pesky sense of reality and dig deep into these real-life optical illusions. #illusions #perspective #fun

Celtic, Driving, and Heaven: Adrian Bott @Cavalorn Follow l did some research into 'the veil between the worlds' a while back. Not a single example of a pre-Victorian use 5:53 AM -30 Oct 2017 53 Retweets 115 Likes O@ ⑤ 垂線) Iweet your reply Adrian Bott @Cavalorn 12h Replying to @Cavalorn The concept of 'thin places' (where the 'veil between worlds' is thin) was even worse - deemed 'ancient Celtic', actually invented in 1938. 2 26 51 Adrian Bott @Cavalorn 10h Obviously if 'the veil between worlds' is a Victorian invention then the belief that Samhain is when 'the veil is thinnest' is equally bogus 1 8 21 Adrian Bott @Cavalorn 10h Currently trying to track down the earliest reference to Samhain being the time when the veil grows thin'. Suspect it will be in 1970s. 10 2 28 Adrian Bott @Cavalorn 10h The fact that we unwittingly view ancient seasonal celebrations through a lens of 19th century Spiritualist Christianity is a big deal to me 1 Adrian Bott @Cavalorn 10h Marking Samhain as 'the time when the veil grows thin' isn't perpetuating Old Ways, it's misrepresenting them 1 6 25 Adrian Bott @Cavalorn 10h So far as I can tell, 'the veil' as a theological concept began as 'the veil between Earth and Heaven' & was co-opted into Spiritualism.. 4 6 Adrian Bott @Cavalorn 10h in which context it served an almost theatric role as the barrier between the desired-for ectoplasmic manifestations & the attendees 4 13 Adrian Bott @Cavalorn 10h Point I'm driving at is that this belief that mortal & spirit worlds were divided by a 'veil' is COMPLETELY ABSENT from such lore as we have 1 7 Adrian Bott @Cavalorn 10h The insistence that the earthly & mortal is in one place & the spiritual & eternal is in another is being IMPOSED on the old traditions Adrian Bott @Cavalorn 3h Nowadays we don't think of spirits' or Gods' realms as physical places, but as planes'. But back then, the Gods lived on Mount Olympus. 1 3 15 Adrian Bott @Cavalorn 3h Heaven was believed to be as physical as Earth. Hell could be reached through openings in rocks. The whole cosmology was different. 4 18 Adrian Bott @Cavalorn 3h Human experience of the world was such that the place where the Gods lived was imagined to be a place like this, only not near here. 3 3 9 Adrian Bott @Cavalorn 3h Of course, now that the Earth is mapped, we needed to imagine otherworlds as 'higher planes'. It was the only place for the unknown to be. 3 Adrian Bott @Cavalorn 3h The idea of superimposition, borrowed from photography, was a convenient analogy for how people thought the spirit world interacted w/ ours. 4 17 Adrian Bott @Cavalorn 3h The less magical the world was believed to be, the more it became necessary to posit a division between us and the realms of wonder. 2 9 21 Adrian Bott @Cavalorn 3h Hence the Spiritualist concept of the Veil, born of parlour room seances & now retrospectively cast as a key element of Samhain. 10 Adrian Bott @Cavalorn 3h But here's the thing. The Sidhe, the 'people of the mounds', were believed to live in the mounds. The tumuli. A *physical* reality. 2 4 16 Adrian Bott @Cavalorn 2h There was no pious division of things into the mundane & the spiritual; the idea of the mundane hadn't been invented yet. 1 5 Adrian Bott @Cavalorn 2h Mundanity is a product of modernity, and the Spirit Realm behind its sodding Veil was only imagined as a necessary contrast (& salve) to it. 8 23 Adrian Bott @Cavalorn 2h In summary, Samhain is not a time when the Veil grows thin, because there never was a Veil in the old tales, and magic was *everywhere*. 4 Adrian Bott @Cavalorn 2h This isn't meant as snark or cynicism. People learn this stuff and pass it on in good faith. Just please interrogate what you inherit, ok'? 2 3 19 Adrian Bott @Cavalorn 1h It's not necessary to buy into the whole 19thC metaphysical hooha of a Veil in order to appreciate the tales of, say, fairie folk riding. 2 8 Adrian Bott @Cavalorn 1h And there's certainly no suggestion that the trolls who descend from their fastnesses on that night do so because the pesky Veil is thin. 2 7 <p><a href="https://caledoniaseries.tumblr.com/post/166973938572/unauthorized-magic-this-thread-is-so-good" class="tumblr_blog">caledoniaseries</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p><a href="http://unauthorized-magic.tumblr.com/post/166963134224/this-thread-is-so-good" class="tumblr_blog">unauthorized-magic</a>:</p> <blockquote><p>This thread is so good. </p></blockquote> <p>THIS. ^^ </p> <p>As a folklorist, this kind of thing bothers the hell out of me. <i>So much </i>of what people think of as <i>ancient</i> is Victorian era or newer. Or just wildly inaccurate, really.</p> </blockquote>

caledoniaseries: unauthorized-magic: This thread is so good.  THIS. ^^  As a folklorist, this kind of thing bothers the hell out of me. So ...