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If god was a programmer: ++ProfCupcake 4.8k points 15 days ago -You can't call yourself a real programmer unless you built the chip yourself Reply Share Report Save ++qsdf321 2.6k points 15 days ago Only if you've mined the silicon manually Reply Share Report Save ++ProfCupcake 1.5k points 15 days ago -- Pff. Amateur. You're only a real programmer if you planted the silicon in the rock yourself. Reply Share Report Save ++ 2Punx2Furious us _ well, I was part of the star that went supernova and made all the silicon on 1.0k points 15 days ago earth, so I kind of did (but so are you) Reply Share Report Save ++morphoyle 503 points15 days ago -I already invented the universe in an attempt to make an apple pie Does that count? Reply Share Report Save ++signalwave 431 points 15 days ago -- Can we talk? I have a few... feature requests. Reply Share Report Save ++MyceliumSpirit 258 points 15 days ago -- Personally would like some bugs fixed Reply Share Report Save ++Nekopawed 445 points 15 days ago -- Fixed memory dump when walking into a new room Fixed issue where eyelash, that is meant to prevent things falling into your eye, would fall into your eye Patched dreams.dll to allow for lucid dreaming as a startup parameter Removed dream where you forgot you had a class you needed to graduate from the dream rotation. Nerfed damage from stubbing toe to slight discomfort from near fatal. Made common sense a common trait from uncommon. Added garbage collection for inside of eyes to reduce impact of floaters. Fixed issue where cells would randomly start replicating out of control causing a fatal crash before end of product life Reply Share Report Save ++devoxel 165 points 15 days ago If god was a programmer

If god was a programmer