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Baseball, Bless Up, and Cats: Saying "hey" from the NYC subway Yoric's best Woke up to a new Lil Uzi album and it's cot damn lit ... Idgaf ... this kid is a rock star and his music is stadium status and give me Kanye "Touch the Sky" feels. But what I love is all the old head haters. U know wtf I'm talmbout. Them cats that think Jay and Nas were the last good rappers. "Man look at these new kids smh...mumble rappers" "rocking tight pants and dresses" "how they letting these guys wear chokers" "how they letting these guys dye their hair pink and blond" "popping pills smh they letting junkies rap now". OK. LET ME GET THIS CLEAR, OLD HEAD. YALL GOT A BUNCH OF WOMEN PREGNANT IN THE 90s AND THEN GHOSTED - DISAPPEARED - WENT TO THE CORNER STORE AND NEVER CAME BACK - NOW THEM KIDS GREW UP AND EMBRACED FASHION AND CREATED THEY OWN GENDER FLUID STYLE BECAUSE THEY MALE ROLE MODELS WAS ABSENT AND NOW U WANNA CRITICIZE...EVEN THO THESE KIDS ON STAGES IN FRONT OF SOLD OUT CROWDS PUTTING IT DOWN FOR THEY FAMILY...LEMME TELL U WHAT U NEED TO DO, OLD HEAD...U NEED TO GO TO THE SPORTING GOODS STORE ASAP AND BUY TWO BASEBALL MITTS AND A BASEBALL AND FIND THAT BOY U ABANDONED AND PLAY SOME CATCH...MATTER FACT ASK THE POSTAL SERVICE FOR A FULL WEEK OFF, U GON NEED A LOT OF TIME FOR THIS GAME OF CATCH (AND 'CATCH UP') AND MAYBE U COULD PLAY HIM SOME NAS AND JAY RECORDS AND DISCUSS MUSIC WITH HIM BUT FOR NOW STFU AND STOP CRITICIZING, THE ART REFLECT THE CULTURE AND U CREATED IT NOW DON'T BE MAD AT IT (but you're welcome to fix your mistakes bless up 🤗😂😂😂) (@madmax_fluffyroad)