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I ASCEND: arminarlerted story time: i taught my little cousin her first longer word when she was very young. i taught her to say "tax benefits. and to this day my aunt still doesn't know where she got it from, but it was a hilarious sight to see a little toddler waddling around the house, wearing a big diaper, all the while yelling TAX BENEFITS!!!I osmanthusoolong My parents did this with me and "nuclear disarmament bradkey I taught my little brother to say micro-surgical vasectomy reversal" (saw it on a billboard) on a road trip, and he didn't stop saying it for literal years. missvoltairine My parents taught me to chant "Get your laws off our bodies!" for a pro-choice rally when I was like four and I went to preschool and taught all the other kids the chant and led them on a mini-parade around the playground and the teachers were like ?????????? ?????????? ???????????? blossomfae whenever my brother threw a tantrum as a baby my parents would chant live free or die" until he calmed down it was fuckin weird lornacrowley when i was a kid whenever we got stuck in traffic my dad would say "what the fuck?1? in a very comic voice and i would repeat it and then he would say it with a slightly different inflection and i would repeat that too and so forth and so basically my poor mother would be stuck in standstill traffic listening to her husband and 4 yr old daughter swearing at each other without end waspabi i'm a preschool teacher and we like to joke around using radical vocabulary with the children, the other day i overheard one kid say this is my truck and the other one said 'no, this truck belongs to the collective they all say it now haledamage whenever anyone picks up my daughter or she goes upstairs, she announces "I ASCEND it's the best thing I ASCEND