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Apple, Cars, and Driving: DID YOU KNOW THAT BY 2040 MARS COULD BE COLONISED, BY US, WITHACITY? TH E F U T U RE ACCORDING TO LON MUS Read on to discover some of the most out-there predictions made by the tech pioneer 2024 2018 Humans will fly into space by reusable rockets in 2015, Musk announced on The Late Show that i company Spacex soon lonch eusoble rockets Artificial Intelligence (A.I) will pose a real threat to the human race n on interview with Edge.org in 201%, Musk soid 2025 Tesla will be as valuable as Apple Elon Musk made o bold claim in 2015 againat the own motor compony Teslo Inel et Appe Humans will set foot on Mars in only a handitul of yeas, Ms hes predicted hat me ill be oble to send people to Mars for the 2027 More than half of all new vehicles will be electric Within the nest 10 years, the tech guru predicts thot more then half of new US vehicles will be fully lectrie, and in the same timefrome, complesly 2033 Solar will become the main source of power solved lechnicol ies eeded to moke sell driving cos e reality The only thing stonding in the way hat solor would become te plurality of power win 20 eas and will beat eveything 2037 Cars will no longer have steering wheels in them As predeted indefinite "to of autono We will colonise Mars with a city Citing the short iespan and sceesses of Sp Musk stoted thet by the time is company has ษ.led he " ts to hos cremel citu ontheGod she olso " sted thot ขาย for @ 20%0 A.l. will completely surpass humans None to dompen his fears obout an 2060 A million people will live on Mars o leet of ssnger shipe provided by Spo HOW MANY OF THESE PREDICTIONS WILL BECOME A REALITY IN YOUR LIFETIME? RS The future according to elon musk

The future according to elon musk

Definitely, Memes, and Break: Ways To Stretch 2 The Calves Feel stretch Here Feel Stretch Here Gastrocnemius Soleus Knee Flexed Knee Extended DO THIS FOR BETTER ANKLE MOBILITY Did you know you have triceps in your legs? You do. The real name of the calf is the "Triceps Surae". If we break down the Latin, we have... 🔼tri = three 🔼ceps = plural of caput = heads 🔼surae = of the calf . So Triceps Surae is the "3 heads of the calf". Two of the muscular heads are from the medial and lateral gastrocnemius and the third is from the soleus. These muscles differ in their anatomy and consequently, how we mobilize them. . The Gastrocnemius is a ✌two jointed muscle, crossing both the ankle and the knee. So to stretch it, you must both extend the knee and dorsiflex the ankle, pulling the muscle onto stretch from both ends. This stretch is definitely the more common of the two. . On the flip side, the Soleus is ☝one jointed and only crosses the ankle. So to stretch it, you must bend the knee to slack the overlying gastroc and reach the deeper layer. It's this stretch that will lead to improvements in ankle mobility as these tissues lie closer to the joint itself. . So if you're trying to improve ankle mobility, make sure you are getting into the bent knee position. Make this little change and you will probably start seeing the results you are looking for.😄 . Tag a friend with tight calves and share the wealth! . MyodetoxOrlando Myodetox

DO THIS FOR BETTER ANKLE MOBILITY Did you know you have triceps in your legs? You do. The real name of the calf is the "Triceps Surae". If w...