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Bailey Jay, Children, and Family: JJ MacNab @jjmacnab 6h A huge right-wing conspiracy theory (#pizzagate) seems to be merging with the relatively new left-wing conspiracy theory (#missingdcgrs) 26 147154 JJ MacNab@jmacnab 6h The former claims that John Podesta and Hillary Clinton are operating a child sex ring out of a DC pizza parlor. 6 JJ MacNab@jmacnab 6h The latter claims that black and Hispanic girls are being kidnapped in DC for the purpose of becoming child sex slaves 4 1531 JJ MacNab@ijimacnab 5h The rate of missing children in DC is consistent with prior years and almost all of the 12 girls in question had run away from home before 84168 JJ MacNab @jmacnab 5h Recently, the DC police started using social media to get the public's aid in finding missing kids. The press has amplified those posts JJ MacNab@jmacnab 5h That's all good. This story, however, went off into the weeds with wild tales of pedophile rings who have sold DC girls as sex slaves 9 1 22 48 JJ MacNab@jjmacnab 5h Many of the missing teens have already returned home, but the Internet bubble doesn't really adjust for new info 81 JJ MacNab@jmacnab 5h While it's heartbreaking for a parent whose child is missing, it's really rare that someone in DC stays missing. Stats from DC Police According to the head of Metropolitan Police Departments Youth and Family Services, over the past five years 200 people have been reported missing each month So far in 2017, there have been 190 cases on average From 2012 to 2016, officials said 99 percent of all missing person cases have been closed. Out of those 19,000 cases, only 16 remain open. 43 24 52 JJ MacNab@jmacnab 5h For example, this girl appears in almost all the missingdcgirls posts I've seen She was reported missing on 3/22 but returned home on 3/24 2163 JJ MacNab @jjmacnab 5h She's also 28 vyears old 9 56