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Anaconda, Bitch, and Dmv: Anonymous (ID: Pdojolz7) 07/28/13(Sun)00:16:11 No.496090809 Going to share a story with you guys. You know, just cause KPGent to the DMV today was ready for the 2 hour wait by bringing my Nintendo DS with Pokemon Black in it. >wait turned out to only be 30m >sat down and started playing >few mins later this woman comes in with two toddlers on her hip and a dirty little boy next to her. He had to be at least 8 >he sat down next to me and pulled out a bright blue Nintendo DS >he was playing pokemon too >glance over at his screen and saw his pokemon were only around level 40 >saw me looking, asked to see my team so l showed him > I happen to be a giant pokemon nerd so most the pokemon i use are level 70+ current team consisted of 2 level 100's an 86 and 3 lower ones who all had Experience Shares on them was leveling shit pokemon for bf, dont hate little boy got real excited and said he's never seen a pokemon at level 100. >if he only knew how many I had >Whole time, white trash mother staring me down. sthefuckyoulookinat.jpg I asked him what his favorite was and he said Shellshocker. >couldn't recall a pokemon name Shellshocker >oh that one, badpokerface.jpg >kid huffs and goes blastoise, you know from the Mewtwo movie you mean the movie that came out what 12 years ago? just so happen to have a level 100 Blastoise. stold the little boy to open his trade menu.I renamed the pokemon ShellShock. (Maximum letters were used so I couldn't make it ShellShocker) >traded him the pokemon and this little kid freaked out. >he started screaming and running around and laughing >he pointed to his DS and showed his mother who obviously didn't give a shit. >he ran up to me and gave me a hug, still laughing, then continued to play the game. >never seen a little kid so happy before. >stupid whitetrash mother slaps his ds closed and said that's enough playing >glare at the bitch little kid high fives me and says he wished i was his mom >smile, say no thanks. >fucking hate kids.