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Beard, Hello, and Memes: SGAG Singpost: I'll check that for you sir. Me: Thank you. Singpost: What's your name, sir? Me: Neil Singapost: Is that Nial? Me: If you like. Singpost: And your phone number? Me: FOR F... I'm sorry. why do you need my phone number. I just want to know if there's a post office in Rivervale Mall, Yes or no? Singpost: In case the line hangs up. Me: Yes, I could see why that would happen a lot. Pausc Singpost: Yes, there is a post office at Rivervale Mall Me: Thank you. Singpost: Do you need the address? Me: It's Eunos, right? Singpost: No, sir. It's... Me: Never mind. You're not based in Singapore are you, mate? Singpost: No, I'm based overseas, sir. Neil Humphreys Yesterday at 12:36pm-Singapore , Follow Me: Hello, Singpost, I'm calling to confirm that there is a post office at Rivervale Mall. Singpost phone guy: That is correct, sir Me: That there is a post office? Singpost: That this is Singpost. Me: Where? Singpost: On the phone, sir Me: I know that. Pause Me: So is there a post office at Rivervale Mall or is it just a SAM machn? Singpost: That is correct, sir. Me: What is? Singpost: How can i help you today? Me: For fuc... I mean, does Rivervale Mall have a post office? Singpost: ll check for you sir. Where is the location? Me: Rivervale Mall singpost: ITl check for you sir... Yes, that is correct, sir. The address is No kidding. Eunos Me: Wait, what? Eunos? Rivervale Mall is in Sengkang. Singpost: Ill check for you, sir Me: No, you don't have to check, sir. I know Rivervale Mall is Sengkang. (UPDATE: went to Rivervale Mall. There is no post office, just a bloody Does it have a post office? Singpost, I'm all for cost cutting (and certainly don't blame poor bugger on the phone) but I'd grown a beard and lost will to live by time i was done ... SAM machine!!) SINGPOST SMLJP And in the end still no post office! 😂😂