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In response America responding to ISIS threatening Canadaomg-humor.tumblr.com: 7 months of the year we are waist deepnsnow. 4 months of the year we have heat waves & mutant mosquitoes trying day & night to take a pint from our veins. 70% of our land is uninhabitable. N The people who live there are called natives" or Tarmers tundra Forest ntains Farmlan 37% of our land is above the arctic circle. (where the snow and ice nev- er melts.) The people who live there are called "Inuit" We bitch slapped the US in the war of 1812 so badly that they haven't tried to invade us ever since teven AFTER we found oil in Albertal. During WWI the German army nick named the Canadian troops "Stormtroopers" because when the German army threw mustard gas (poison gas that eats your lungs) at us and we kept on marching towards them only angrier than before. Our national pastime is spent fighting over a rubber disk on the ice with 11'other guys who are missing teeth because of said pastime. We can go to any bar in the civilized world with our flag on our back-pack and we will instantly have new triends (plus usually a free beer and a place to sleep) OH,POUTINE! To eat our unofficial national dish you must un- derstand that thereisaveryreal chance(15) hat you will'have a cardhacarrest beloreyou ve COISumed the entire plate Weare a 147 year old'melting pototaselectiype ol'mmigrant from everycorner of theglobe who Touked at their options lurstarting anew lile and'these bad asses didnchoose Florida, Call fornia or Mexico, but'instead grew some chest hair and a beard and chose the northern tundra we call Canada. We only take in the strong The weak don tsurvive uphere. TOour American triends who are freaking out about protecting us 10 IWe got this, mon ami. FUNNY STUFF ON MEMEPIX.COM In response America responding to ISIS threatening Canadaomg-humor.tumblr.com