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Anaconda, Dude, and Facebook: did you know? did-you-kno.tumblr.com Jesus encouraged people not to pray out loud, and to practice their religion in private. did-you-kno.tumblr.com didyouknowblog.com facebook.com/didyouknowblog jathis: cerulean-tmp: nonespark: ask-gallows-callibrator: wintercoffin: brotoro: cherryblossomsparkle: did-you-kno: Source THIS IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT ACTUALLY THIS MAKES ME REALLY HAPPY  he was 100% against preaching to unwilling people, too, and all for bringing religion into the lives of those who wanted it. he would often say that those who pray loudly in front of others were the worst kind of believers what a cool dude it makes me sad when people mischaracterize jesus like he was literally the nicest dude ever like he could be anyones bff if he tried because he was so rad like i hate christians who make him seem rude like lol no stopv YES YES YES. this is because the pharisees would go out into public, get on their knees, and pray where everyone could see them. because they wanted everyone to see how good they were and how pious, because they were sort of religious authority. but jesus came and told people to do the opposite, because he wanted them to be humble. because God wants you to be devoted to a relationship with Him, not to be devoted to making sure others think highly of you. jesus also encouraged people to do good deeds quietly, or even anonymously. because he wanted you to do good deeds for the sake of others, not for how good it’ll make you feel or for others to praise you. jesus was the absolute coolest and i fucking hate it when anyone points fingers at a certain group of people and says “GOD HATES-” NO HE DOESN’T. THAT WAS HIS WHOLE THING. HE LITERALLY LOVED EVERYONE. ???? This is the type of Christianity and Christians that I like. canon Jesus fanon Jesus