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Remember: All Evil is Linked: American How the World Really Works Five Eyes Satanic Pedophile Elite Families Satanic Pedophile Elites "Pedophiles run the world." -Stanley Kubrick Wants to replace the current royal families as George Soros the new rulers of the world. Plans to control the The intelligence communities of the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand that share information and work together. Per Snowden, they operate with little to no oversight by other branches of government. Many activities are believed to be coordinated by US intelligence and/or the satanic pedophile elites. They are also believed to take part in gangstalking and the Targeted Individual program. Includes British royal families. Goals are to sexually corrupt everyone, be able to murder anyone they please for fun, and deny anyone alive inner peace (i.e. "Hell on Earth"). Worships Satan. vorld with socialism and corrupt government programs. Appears to be very interested in witchcraft and UFOS. Trying to climb the different secret societies like AHEPA and Skull & Bones and gain favor by supplying them with children to have sex with... Billionaire donor to the Clinton Foundation. Has visited Teresa Haiti with the Clintons. International Federal Testified that as a child she was forced to engage in satanic practices. She was taken to castles of the rich elites and forced to stay in boxes with bugs and excrement, have sex with strangers, have sex with animals, murder people of all ages (adults, teenagers, children, toddlers, and babies), and eat the her own fetus. Look for documentary: The Devil Made Me Do It ORDER OF Reserve Banking Vanderbilts Rothschilds System Despite the complexity, these banks basically print money and gives it to the elites/bankers to spend before inflation. In other words, they steal from the poor and give to the rich. Clintons DNC Santiago De Los Caballeros Illuminati Unusually high number of deaths of those around them Leaked emails suggest they are heavily involved In pedophilia. Dominican Haiti Created by the Rothschilds to "rule" the world. Objectives: Control the media, the banks, the world population, and other secret societies. Republic tish Virgin Islands San Juan Punta Cana are often ruled as suicide or an accident. Port-au-Prince Medical records and experts in the field confirm her story. Children who were, found to have taken part of satanic practices give similar stories. La Pomana Puerto Rico Comet Ping Pong Owned by Big Cheese LLC (James Alefantis) AHEPA In emails, Podesta asked about playing dominoes on pasta or cheese... Epstein Island isn't too far from Haiti... 袗袧袝袪袗 Bucks Fishing & Camping Also Owned by Big Cheese LLC (James Alefantis) Number associated: 13 COME Sketch of one of Madeleine McCann's abductors. John Podesta was staying close by. Other sketch looks very similar to his brother who was with him. 9 Comet Ping Pong Lieed Greek secret society. Appears to have strong ties to pedophilia and industries of the countries related to Five Eyes. Besta Pizza CVS Pharmacy Besta Pizza Alisha Owens was sentence to 15 years in prison because she wouldn't take back her testimony (like her male friends did) of being forced to have sex with the Chief of Police as a minor. It was later discovered her friends were threatened to change their story. Boy love symbol in logo Shewin Wllams Paint Store Besta Pizza A Bi Bohemian Regal Custom Wet Cleaner. Politics &Prose Bookstore Freemasons Prose & Poetry Owned by HRC Speechwriter Famous readers at its author events have included Exxon CVS Pharmacy politicians such as Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, former Senator Edward Brooke Per the FBI, 鈥渃heese" & "pasta" are known code words in the pedophilia world. Grove Connecticut Avenue Tiger Mart Openly secret society that controls the local police. Masonic and pedophilia symbolism can be found in different police logos. Number associated: 33 NEAVING Beyol Borders Beyond Borders Charity focused on Haiti, funded by Clinton Foundation Jake's American Grille Whilahelil A Camp in California where elites meet to practice witchcraft, have gay sex with each other, and to decide the next U.S. President. It is uncertain if another group oversees it, Seems to be connected Banana Leaf POLICE SHERIFF 322 Terasol Bistro & Artisan Gallery GON SunTrust Bank S Skull & Bones Terasol - Another Pedophile symbol found on website, photo of HRC http://www.terasolartisans.com/default.html Was at JFK's assassination UKEGA NGELES Yale secret society. Produced U.S. Presidents like George W. Bush & George H. W. Bush. Believed to secretly control the CIA. Number associated: 322 TATE essenden St NW Fessenden St NW Fessenden St Nw MON Haiti Google to Republicans. Lever."Cha Comet Pizza It appears the Clinton Foundation, while acting like they were trying to help Haiti children, supplied them to Comet Pizza and surrounding businesses. HERRERA HERIFED SHERIE DEPUTY PECIAL ANGELES ERIFE SHERIF DEPUTY HAZZAR CH CIA Comet Pizza (and other "pizza" places in Five Eyes countries) and Besta Pizza appear to have overwhelming circumstantial and indirect evidence that child rape and torture were taking place under the Pizza shops through tunnels. The evidence comes from leaked DNC emails, art displayed (same art found at the satanic pedophile elites' homes), and social media accounts. Symbolism and code words revealed by the FBI seems to further confirm all of this. F'S TN COUNT Local Law Enforcement 19 Bill Clinton & Prince Andrew have been to Epstein Island. While the media focuses on the teenagers at the Island (14-16 year olds), many believe there are underground tunnels where they rape and murder children. Cocaine A journalist investigating this In Haiti mysteriously died. NEW MEXICO NEW YORK AFAAM Sarah Ruth Ashcroft claims she is a survivor of SRA. Said she was forced to have sex with Tom NORTH CAROLIN NORTH A.F. A.M. OSWAY PATRA Hanks as a child. Also claims to have witness men in purple robes hunt, rape, and kill children in Oregon. Interestingly, no one is trying to bring a lawsuit against her... STATE POLICE Police and Sheriff departments have strong ties to Freemason societies. You can often find their masonic HIGHWAY PATROL STATE POLICE It is believed with the help of the Clintons in the Arkansas government, the CIA flew cocaine Into the state. A lot of mysterious deaths happened around the issue and the state coroner kept ruling them as suicides or state officials declining to investigate. SOUTH CAROLINA The use of underground tunnels to sexually abuse children is very similar to The Finders operation beneath nurseries. They talked about Haitian "pizzas" when the Clintons were "helping" in Haiti. See documentary: Best Pizzagate Documentary Pedophilia Rings Exposed by Wikileaks (2017) OREGON EN POLA SHATE MASONI STATE HIGHWAY RHODE ISLAND symbolism in their logos. They are often instructed to send journalists, researchers, gangstalking victims, and Targeted Individuals to mental wards to get rid of them, if they can't find an excuse to arrest them. "Everything is a rich man's trick." -Francis R. While they are supposed to do foreign surveillance, they spend most of their resources to monitor and blackmail U.S. citizens. They were caught hacking into Congress and deleting evidence against them. They faced no consequences for their actions and even threatened members of PATROL STATE POLICE DEGREETEAM HIGHWAY PATROL OHIO POLICE STAYE TROORER The Finders RANGAA TAH HIGHWA VERMONT PATROL The CIA tries to have at least one officer SOUTH DAKOTA During this time, the DOJ agreed to not prosecute CIA agents for smuggling drugs and a journalist investigating Pedophile occult group created by the CIA. Would kidnap children with underground tunnels beneath nurseries. Sounded too ATENNESSEE in all local law departments to become an undercover CIA agent so they can help cover the agency's tracks and help murders to be ruled as "suicides" Congress with criminal charges after they complained. Appears to run the U.S. government by their willingness to do the most evil and by their blackmail pedophile programs used on celebrities, politicians, and those in the Intelligence community. POLICE F.& A. M WABAIRGTON WISCONSIN WEST VIRGINIA STATE POLICE WYOMING this was "suicided." crazy for people to believe and was dismissed. It was later proven to be true. TATE VATRO Girl lover PATRO Boy lover or accidents. Free & Accepted Mason A lot of the evidence was covered up by the local "The only real threats to national security in the world are the military and the intelligence agencies." -Katherine Horton Conolly ATELIGENCE government. Nazis Isaac Kappy was trying to expose the Hollywood pedophiles He was "suicided." It looks like local NROL-39 Media NRO, Hollywood law enforcement helped over it up... FAMERICA STATES OF Nazis were heavily recruited to the CIA after WW2. Nazis had interest in the occult and satanism. The CIA/DoD has strong influence over the media. Anderson Cooper, for example, is an ex-CIA agent and Vanderbilt. CIA was found to have regularly change and write Hollywood scripts. Many believe they aren't just changing them to make them look good but to do a new version of MK Ultra to the masses. Many also believe they are behind the weird YouTube videos targeted to kids. CIA uses its pedophile program to blackmail Hollywood celebrities. Many celebrities claim they blackout to later be shown pictures of them having sex with children. Other celebrities appear to be famous because they were part of secret societies that has sex with children. The programs seem to be about letting the CIA to have blackmail material on you and then helping you to become famous. People who try to expose this end up dying unusual deaths... While they want power, they seem to be below Skull & Bones members in the CIA. Nazis were also A joint operation between the CIA and Air Force. They control the satellites in the sky. They make them and operate them. Probably behind the Targeted Individual program that uses satellites to burn people, if satellites are used on TIs, which is a subject of debate. heavily recruited to NASA. They, as well as the Freemasons, seem to have strong ties to the Denver International Airport (DIA). It connects by underground tunnels to all military bases. Many believe they are waiting for the right time to take over America. Many journalists get paid extra JFK Anderson Cooper, ex-CIA officer If they push a certain narrative. The TV media channels seem Mafia and Vanderbilt, is the face of JFK warned that secret societies were a threat to America CNN. He has no education in very protective of Comet Pizza. NOTHING IS BEYOND The CIA has/had close journalism... ties to the Mafia. It is believed that they helped the CIA to kill JFK. and democracy. Left: Cooper as a child with a statue showing a human being sacrificed to the god Tanit. Top: Pool in Biltmore Estate (Vanderbilt owned). Visually matches art of children being hung on ropes in an empty pool... The CIA killed him a few days after that speech. The mayor of Dallas, in charge of JFK's Presidential route, was a CIA operative. Dallas Police had Freemason members OUR REACH Chester, believed son of John Podesta, was trying to Hollywood itself keeps pushing towards the sexualizing of people, especially expose Washington DC pedophilia. He was "suicided." NRO has the largest budget of any intelligence agency and uses almost entirely private contractors All these groups want to bring in a New World Order--their New World Order children. It is believed the NSA/secret societies give hacked images, audio, and video to those in Hollywood to make secret taunts in commercials and TV shows towards the people the CIA doesn't like-a form of gangstalking. Attacks on US Citizens Embassy Attacks Besides MK Ultra, the CIA/DOD did several deadly experiments on an unknowing US population. This included spraying deadly bacteria over American towns, resulting in deaths, and injecting pregnant women with radioactive particles, just to name a few. They are also believed to be behind the assassination of US journalists. See documentary: The CIA's Secret Experiments | Real Stories NSA It is believed the CIA attacked its own US embassies with sonic weapons (DEWS) in China and Cuba to make sure we always have "enemies" out there to justify their budget. When the FBI investigated, the CIA was uncooperative. The elites can only have power through government, which is literally a gun to your head a few steps removed. DOHS DoD 0 where they're at the top of the pyramid. Foreign Intelligence Works extremely close to the CIA to monitor American citizens. Uses Zero day hacks and backdoors in smart phones, routers, and computers to monitor you. Per NSA whistle blower, they hack members of Congress and the Supreme Court to make sure their budget doesn't shrink. Also per whistle blower, they can hack computers with an "air gap" (no internet connection) using Van Ecks/TEMPEST (distant wireless monitoring of wired computer monitors) and wireless keyboard hacking. A whistle blower also became a TI. The CIA and NSA will often outsource their surveillance of U.S. citizens to foreign intelligence agencies (not just the Five Eyes) to hide tracking of their own citizens. Countries will often give US Intelligence full access to their computer systems if asked. Has done extensive research into directed energy weapons (microwave attacks that only affect living tissue). Also assumed to have through-the-wall cameras. Appear to be involved in SECURITY Created the Fusion Center to involve local law enforcement in searching for domestic terrorists. Their extensive information on U.S citizens are shared with Jesus human trafficking in third world countr for the satanic the local police. Often ask the local police to 鈥渨atch" (stalk and intimidate) certain U.S. citizens. DOHS will put citizens it doesn't like (journalists) on a TSA list so they are forced to experience the humiliation and sexual trauma of having their privates stroked by a stranger in public (often not even told it is going to happen) when they travel for work. The excuse given for the "random" patdown is: 鈥淣ational security." It is believed the CIA helped the TSA to come up with such policies to further corrupt the masses. Private Sector pedophile elites. Journalist who looked into it mysteriously died. A systemic rape culture exists not only inside the military but also for people living outside their foreign bases. The excuse is given that: "Boys will be boys." Mendoza After CIA operations were exposed by whistle blowers and FIOA requests, it is believed that the CIA/DoD, Fusion Centers, And Department of Homeland Security, outsource their gangstalking to private companies who keep their employees in the dark about everything. After trying to take to court people close to the Bush family, he became a TI in south Texas. Being a lawyer, he got a federal attorney to admit the CIA is targeting him and had an FBI agent admit he was instructed to use DEWS on him. UNITED STATES FPARTMENT Gangstalking & the TI program are seen as a way for the elites to get rid of people who meet the NWO's definition of "undesirables." They want a small population of people they can easily control and who add to their power (those who pay a lot of taxes and don't question authority or the news). IPARTMENT STAT STATES OF UNITED COAST TATES CO UNITED STATES Targeted Individual (TI) 鈥 A person being tortured by electronic weapons (often called 鈥渢ouchless torture"). Perps often use microwaves as invisible to the eye lasers combined with thru-the-wall MARINE CORPS AIR FORCE Karen Stewart NSA whistle blower became a STATES Gangstalking 鈥 stalking by a group of people in such a way that the victim is aware of it. Meant to cause mental distress to the point of suicide. A "clean" kill for those in power. OF ARMY VAVY TI after reporting them. Notice the HOMELAND Ex-Intelligence Officers It is believed that the private sector hires ex-intelligence officers who are looking for work. red in her face? Look up the documentary: The Electronic Persecution of Jesus Mendoza Mini Secret Societies Dr. Matthew Aaron, a TI from Canada, testifies that he was attacked with microwaves after confronting cruel neighbors. He was able to show burn marks on his windows in the pattern of a Known microwave weapon. Posted his evidence on YouTube. Churches While most would never join a formal secret society, it was found out that many would join a loose one if their friends are involved. The Churches and other organizations are funded by shadow military funds to tell their members that "freedom isn't free" Veterans CIA/DOD funds them. Member only have to prove their loyalty by doing whatever is asked without question. In return, they get access to money, jobs, other resources, and higher status within the group. They in gan cameras for accuracy so no one else feels it. The "perfect" secret torture It is believed that the private sector hires veterans who are looking for work to do gangstalking for them. Midge and the importance of the US military so that perpetual war continues and funds for the U.S. military keep coming in. A Targeted Individual in Arizona. She was attacked in her sleep and in her car. A ophthalmologist confirmed that her eyes burns were from radiation. DF JUSTICE often engage without even knowing about it. Many believe the CIA/DoD actively recruit from the high ranking members of the Mormon church as domestic spies as they have shown to be able to keep secrets. DEPARTMENT Black Helicopters program. It is believed many black helicopters in the sky are military and aim microwave and sonic weapons at Targeted individuals. Military aircraft are not allowed to be tracked, which makes it very hard to prove, unlike civilian aircraft. INTEGRITY FIDELITY BRAVER When David Stockman, economic adviser to Ronald Reagan, was asked what he would replace government with, he answered: "When you remove cancer from your body, what do you replace it with?" INVESTIGA OF Michael Aquino 鈥 Former PSYOP US military intelligence officer. Long history of covering up pedophilia. Worships Satan. Established the Temple of Set. 5G Internet routers have been shown to be able to be FBI Anon turned into through-the-wall cameras. It is believed that 5G and even regular cell towers have that ability built-in. It is also believed they can focus their microwaves (what all cell phones and WiFi routers use) on people like a weapon. Dr. Katherine Horton, a TI from Germany/London, testifies that her gangstalkers, who are presumably intelligence agents, send her nude photos of themselves. Has detailed evidence of electronic "Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem." -Ronald Reagan Gang Members The CIA/DoD gives gang members portable DEWS (Directed Energy Weapons) to torture people. They are often kept in backpacks or cars and remotely controlled through the internet using a cell phone's WiFi. The CIA/DoD in turn protects them from prosecution in drug busts. Apparently, many in the FBI are sicken that they have to keep the above secret from the masses. Indentured Servants Q attacks at Stop007.com They have given information out about pedophilia symbols and the CIA Finders cult. They are worried if they give all the information out that there would be riots in the streets and At the bottom, the ones providing the goods and services to be stolen, is the working class. The elites encourage all working class parents to push their children into going to college and owning a home so they can become debt slaves spending most of their life working it off and giving their money to the bankers. To pay it off, the children are encouraged to get high paying corporate jobs (W-2s, so they can't do any meaningful tax planning like the elites do) which means more tax money for the government Entities. Finally, the working class is brainwashed into thinking that the US military can do no wrong and that we need constant war (e.g. that war is good for the economy), even if that includes going over seas to kill innocent people or believing false flags operations without question. Furthermore, home ownership is seen as a way for the elites to isolate and control people. It is believed the elites turned to their evil ways because of their disconnect to the community with their big mansions and isolated lives. complete anarchy. Qanon is believed by many to be a group of military intelligence trying to fight against the demonic activity above by exposing it all. YOU David Shurter Again, are they trying to do the right thing or is it another group seeing a huge power vacuum coming up once this is all exposed? Are they the good guys trying to do the right thing? Or do they see the shit hitting the fan soon and want to distance themselves from the corruption? Only time will tell. After trying to expose all the SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) he experienced as a child, he soon became a Targeted Individual. onnecticut e NW Nebraska Ave NW HERE NOT AGENCY HLNOWAG CENTRAL RESERY ALNO AGENCY LOS LINRO OUNTY ATION FEDERAL BUREAD PATROL HIGHWAY NATIONAL AMERICA * STATE STAT DEFENSE OF UNITED AMERICAY U.S. SECURITY Remember: All Evil is Linked