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7/11, Bigfoot, and Food: bassiter Top 5 Gas Stations To Die At 5. Shell Shells range from well-kept to shady as hell, so dying here is an iffy bet, but at least it has variety. Usually pretty busy, so your body will probably be discovered quickly therefore taking all the mystery out of it. Conventional, but some people might like it. 4. Chevron -n Basically just like a less popular Shell, so you have a better chance of kicking the bucket here. The blue hues make for soothing colors to stare at as your ghost lingers there for all eternity. 3. Quik Trip High quality gas station with endless drinks and snacks. Seat yourself under the soda fountains and drown in sticky disgusting sugar. Excellent place if you want to get up to some poltergeist hijinks in your afterlife. Some go to heaven, some go to 7/11. Shady enough to feel like you might die any moment, but with a slushee selection that'll knock your socks off. Perfect place to die if you want to exist in a almost-but-not-quite liminal space. 5. Circle K As soon as you pull up to Circle K, you've already accepted your death. Anyone there is a possible death threat, and everyone there is doing something otherworldly. Extremely possible that all employees are extraterrestrial. Circle K is the ultimate liminal space gas station and the most likely spot to catch Bigfoot out of the woods. Who wouldn't wanna die there? thes3nator i but how could you forget Buc-ee's? 6. Buc-ee's With a row of gas pumps that seem to stretch out into infinity (with impressive parking to boot as well.) Buc-ees is without a doubt the best spot to die for extroverts looking to connect with other un-mortals from all walks of life. As far as luminal spaces go, Buc-ee's is not a strong contender as its clean bathrooms, wide variety of merchandise, and home-cooked southern food provide too welcoming an environment for wayward spirits. That said, the sheer numbers of people coming from diverse geographic locations provide a plethora of different belief systems and thus an excellent opportunity for possession. This is extremely handy if you need to possess religious adherents to get you to pray for your soul and thus set you free to the afterlife of your preference Source: donkamatic 2,840 notes Catch my lifeless corpse outside the circle K

Catch my lifeless corpse outside the circle K

Crazy, Soon..., and Trash: Greetings new neighbors, First, welcome to your new home. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Chris and I'm your neighbor at 553% apt 1 (other side of your wall). rm including a page of helpful numbers and our trash collection days for you, hope they can be of help. I have helped one of the previous tenants there with some things so if you have any questions feel free to text me, I'm including my card. That said, just a heads up that I work nights so I will get back to you as soon as I can. I few things that I can think of now that may be useful: Our units do have heat pumps, and they do work. However, when the outside temp drops below 50 they are worthless. So the Washington Gas number is so you can have the gas turned on which work your radiators. Though that isn't an issue now, come winter it will be and I would suggest calling them now to get some info on if you need a deposit or not (cause if you do as i did, it is steep), There is only one outside water faucet, it's on my side in the front. Feel free to use it, the water bill (paid by land lord) is a single bil for both our units 1) 2) 3) I'm deaf in one ear, so if I ever have the TV to loud text me and let me know to turn it down. 4) When winter comes and if you decide to use the gas heat let me know, I will help bleed the tank and get it up and running for you. It took the previous tenant and me almost a full day and flooding the house before we got them going. Not that it is difficult, but it helps doing it for two years now. I know getting settled can be crazy and time consuming, so dinner is on me. I am enclosing a gift card so you can have an evening without having to worry about cooking. Happy house warming, 5) Again, welcome to your new home. Feel free to text with any questions. Chris The world needs more neighbors like Chris

The world needs more neighbors like Chris

A Dream, Africa, and Bailey Jay: A Malawian teenager named William Kamkwamba taught himself how to build a windmill out of junk and bring power to his village. He then went on to build a second, larger windmill to power irrigation pumps. He did this all from books he read in the library. Ultrafacts.tumblr.com WHOHAE WIND THE BOY OHARNESS nBryan Mealer Ekeabeth Zunon A ouwd sothond below nd ghzed at thi stranje machinc ultrafacts: William had a dream of bringing electricity and running water to his village. And he was not prepared to wait for politicians or aid groups to do it for him. The need for action was even greater in 2002 following one of Malawi’s worst droughts, which killed thousands of people and left his family on the brink of starvation. Unable to attend school, he kept up his education by using a local library. Fascinated by science, his life changed one day when he picked up a tattered textbook and saw a picture of a windmill. Mr Kamkwamba told the BBC News website: “I was very interested when I saw the windmill could make electricity and pump water. “I thought: ‘That could be a defense against hunger. Maybe I should build one for myself’.” When not helping his family farm maize, he plugged away at his prototype, working by the light of a paraffin lamp in the evenings. But his ingenious project met blank looks in his community of about 200 people. “Many, including my mother, thought I was going crazy,” he recalls. “They had never seen a windmill before.” [x] In 2014, William Kamkwamba received his 4 year degree at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire where he was a student. (Fact Source) For more facts, follow Ultrafacts

ultrafacts: William had a dream of bringing electricity and running water to his village. And he was not prepared to wait for politicians o...