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Community, Flexing, and Friends: tanner @TheeTcup Don't ask a girl where she wants to eat. Tell her to guess where you're taking her to eat. Then take her to the first guess. Kyley King @kyley king He's cracked the code we didn't even know we had RANT: its been about a year and a half since i started posting ads on this account, i started in around january 2017 but then my acc got deleted and i stopped until later on in the year. if you had someone tell you that you can quit your waitressing job earning barely $60 a week and earn hundreds more a week online, wouldnt you take it? well i did. i quit my job and i work with a bunch of different businesses and personalities that want to grow their business or page in the return of money for my service. i made my account in 2014 as a hobby since i had just started high school and i was 13 and i didnt have many friends and i thought it would be a way to gain popularity by posting memes (im australian so we start high school at 11-13) but then my page started growing & i started making friends with other people who love sharing memes like me and some awesome creators. my account didnt really start to succeed until the whole jacob sartorius thing where he was a massive meme and i was like the lead account that goofed on him and i gained something like 100k in a month!! it was so awesome. i used to have โ€œno shoutouts or ads ever!โ€ in my bio and people still bring it up. i was THIRTEEN when i made this account, i didnt know a single thing about making money nor did i take interest since i didnt care much abt my future. im 16, nearly 17 now and i got my first job waitressing at 15. i worked for over a year and it was so stressful i hated it so much but then i realised as a career i wanted to pursue entrepreneurial business - and thats what im doing here! i do anywhere from 0-6 ads a week but i post around 10 memes a day if im on schedule. i do make money off my account and im not ashamed. i dont FLEX on u guys like an asshole, i dont waste my money, im saving it so that hopefully one day i can run my own proper business. people think just running a meme page is easy because โ€œall you do is postโ€ and YEAH it is at first but it can get competitive, especially since its my job now. i love my community and i love my followers that support me but its hard since my commmunity is so big that there will always be people that are jealous and will put me down! love u allโฃ๏ธ