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The best response to what is c++: TOP DEFINITION C++ A programming language for Real Men. Most languages try to provide a simplified way to solve specific problems well. C++ makes no such concession and tries to be mediocre at everything. It lets you program at a very high level, and a very low level in the same program. It lets you write procedural code, object oriented code, generic code and mix them all up. It makes you decide everything and provides no help if you get it wrong. It is by far the biggest, most complicated, ugly, down-right dangerous language you can use. But it does run fast. It takes at least twice as long to program in C++ as any other major language (except C). The men who program in C++are Real Men. The women who program in C++ are Real Men too. You can spot a C++ programmer from their testosterone fueled swagger, and the unbelievable amount of contempt they inject into the phrase Java "programmer". They'll probably do the air quotes and all. Dev: 'Hey, Reg, you know C++ right? What does: "\src\Cont.cpp(52): error C2679: binary '=': no operator found which takes a right- hand operand of type 'int' (or there is no acceptable conversion) C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\include\vector(392): could be 'std:_Vector_iterator<_Ty, _Alloc> &std::_Vector_iterator<_Ty, _Alloc>::operator = (const std:_Vector_iterator<_Ty, _Alloc> &)' with_Ty=Main::Cont, _Alloc=std:allocator<Main::Cont> while trying to match the argument list "(std:_Vector_iterator<_Ty, _Alloc>, int)' with_Ty=Main::Cont, Alloc=std::allocator<Main::Cont> "mean?' Reg: 'You missed a semicolon at the end of the line. The best response to what is c++

The best response to what is c++