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Community, Computers, and Fire: ooo Verizon LTE 4:27 PM 22 mins Just watched a Nazi get knocked the fuck out pointlesslypointing: alyss-spazz-penedo: pointlesslypointing: cheappussyweaves: alyss-spazz-penedo: cheappussyweaves: alyss-spazz-penedo: decapitatingly: cornelius-s23: 3 Ayyy. This just made my morning..! The fuck is wrong with you people??? Some guy gets punched out and people are just, ‘bravo, bravo, hit him again!’ Seriously??? Yes, maybe it it was provoked, but maybe it wasn’t–and we know literally nothing about the guy besides he fact that he’s wearing a Nazi symbol and he’s white. I do not support Nazis, but they’re fucking human too, and NOTHING JUSTIFIES TREATING HIM LIKE THIS. If the guy was punched because he was talking shit, then that’s between him and the people who punched him. It’s done, hopefully he’s learned a lesson about watching his mouth, EVERYBODY ELSE FUCK OFF IT’S NONE OF OUR BUSINESS WHAT THIS ONE ASSHOLE BELIEVES. If he was jumped because he was wearing that symbol and walking through an area that’s politically hostile towards Nazis, WE JUST WATCHED SOME GUY GET BEAT UP FOR HIS FUCKING RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. Yes, Nazis believe they’re inherently better than everyone else, and /I/ believe that’s an utter load of crock, but superiority isn’t illegal and there’s nothing to prove that this guy has actually hurt anyone or done anything wrong besides support a group of condescending arses. Does innocent until proven guilty just not apply to parts of the population we have a grudge against? What the hell gives anyone looking at this post the right to look down on this guy and assume he deserves what he got???? End your life. And believing I should die because I believe something you don’t agree with makes you better than them, doesn’t it? If you’ve got something personal against the group, okay, fine. I don’t pretend to understand where you’re coming from. But take it out on someone who you know deserves it. End your life. Nazis already killed millions of people in the name of their cause. If they had their way, I would be dead. Him wearing that insignia is a threat of violence against me, people like me, and people from other groups. When someone makes threats, they deserve to get much worse than punched. He got off lightly. Maybe. And maybe that’s what the people doing the punching thought, and that’s why I’m not trying to judge them for it–I’m sure they had their reasons. Put a threat in front of someone’s face, and self-defense is a perfectly justifiable excuse for violence.But everyone else, lashing out at a threat that isn’t right in front of their faces? You’re all sitting behind your phones and computers too, and saying that this guy you don’t even know should be hurt and killed. What do you say to Christians–should the LGBTQ community be rising up and burning down churches? Should women everywhere be assaulting politicians in the street for refusing them their right to abortion, which is a direct threat to their lives and livelihoods?That shit is ILLEGAL. I don’t know the circumstances of the guys in the clip, but everyone out there saying “rah, rah, let’s go lynch some white people!”? No. Spit at the Nazi you see on the streets, call the cops on him, sure. Maybe get him some kind of psychiatric help. Defend yourself if the asshole comes up to you.But specifically hunting someone down who has done nothing to you personally, and take what they’re wearing as provokation enough for violence? No. That helps no one, and solves nothing. No, but if those churches are actively advocating for violence against them, and not paying their fair share of taxes (as most don’t); then allies should be. That way, LGBTQIA+ people dont get the blame for it. Same for the reproductive rights thing.While I do get what you’re saying, claiming something as moral or amoral judging by the law isn’t the smartest thing to do. After all, it’s legal for employers to fire you based on your sexuality; and it’s illegal for gay people to donate blood. So, legalistic morality isn’t the most valid excuse for reactionism.I don’t care if I dont know him. If someone is pointing a gun at an innocent person, I’m going to cheer for the person who knocks it out of their hands and beats them with it. Calling the cops on a neonazi isn’t likely a great idea, considering the large number of cops who at best use excessive force against minorities, and at worst actively support white supremacy.Specifically targeting Nazis does the exact opposite of what you’re claiming it does. It makes them afraid, it keeps them from spreading their propaganda in public, and as such helps the people who would be killed if they were to gain the upper hand. If someone loves being a nazi so much that they’re willing to go out in public wearing paraphernalia, spewing propaganda, and using nazi salutes and slogans; they are beyond “psychiatric help”. If they dont respect you as a person, they won’t respect the hand you’re extending towards them.You don’t let a rabid dog walk the streets, regardless of whether or not you’ve seen it bite anyone.