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Bitch, Bodies , and Computers: ) on October 30, 2018 at 2:49 pm sent one email here and found that I didn't put my email and name. At any rate, a Emeril Lagosse and a family of short white hair blondes are here to harass and stallk and make threats for bows and to get revenge for ruining Emeril Lagossee's show. I don't have a tv. I'm homeless. The only tv I see is in restaurants or a hotel room when I have money for one day off the street and not to rest after a long stint of prostitution. I'm not that and not a lesbian. Some Guy Fieri was shown on ta few weeks ago in a fast moving boat heading by invitation to a island, I assume. It s about money and how to get it from me is the recipe. I also have interference in typing these letters or even a message with an possessed insistence to insert a sk in some part. I'm Italian and Slavic. not german or irish or czch or any other and did at one time watch the food network until Rachael ray and Emeril lagossee were shown on tv a private little slander session at a round table on the set. It was me she called Ashod and from a bitch. So, what say you to all of tlhis, since just received word that you may need to be contacted. I do have a new address but not in this Stuart Fl. I do have email but both are suspended because of compromise from network and interfacing from a woman that claims she has 3 masters in computers and can do what she claims, tapping banks, Ibirarys, cell phones and land lines and a few others. I have money owed to me from a large account Wells Fargo seems to be managing under an advbcacy of one clerk banker and also helped to the account was by a Deborah Reager/Vreger and is spending it at will. The latter is banking her account off of it and all these that need my help are denied through me by threat to life and ruined bodies to push more buttons. Again, what say you? do say me. Olt is an odd question but one I coined for the moment to act as an identifier. I'm 66, not 57 or 64 or 59 or 65. I'm white not black. It also seems odd that I'm not a "possessive type of person," but there are a few others that are and seem to believe I have to pay off a lot of people. Politics, Politics. Tucson is involved as a primary, "we took it while you were working with uz." was said. So, with the interfacing and networking practices I suggest you check your own computers and see if there are signatures in them. BE, NB AD DDF and others similar to a blue tooth connection that also taps landlines. Signals and so forth Unintelligible comment found on Alton Brown's official website, on the contact page