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rocktheholygrail: OOOOOOOOOOOOOH: Rahul Kohli @RahulKohli13 Following Scarlett Johansson IMDb@IMDb Who would play you in the movie about your life? Rahul Kohli o Following @RahulKohli13 I did it for "likes" actually Kira Figs @KiraFigs You're an actor too. God forbid you choose a role that people don't agree with and become the target for unwanted jokes. Great way to perpetuate the bullying and harassment of a fellow actress just for retweetstwitter.com/RahulKohli13/s... Rahul Kohli @RahulKohli13 Following I kicked the hornet's nest. I'm so sorry to any of her fans I offended with that joke I made. I'm actually a big fan and I wish her all the best #Scarlett4Mulan Victoria Loves Scarlett and Kimberly @AlianovnaArmy Replying to @RahulKohli 13 Oh for fuck sake, Are y'all seriously keep bringing that back? She did not played an asian! She played A FUCKING ROBOT! A Robot has no nationality, do you know what means, Major could have been played by anyone, do you understand? omg Rahul Kohli @RahulKohli13 Following May I answer this one? Because I'm Asian. Shani dead after A4 trailer @Natasha_Rogers Why would she choose to play a nobody? Who is this? twitter.com/rahulkohli13/s... Rahul Kohli @RahulKohli13 Following Okay that's enough twitter for me tonight. I get anxious when I tweet a joke and people get upset. Imma get back to my script INT. THE KOHLI HOUSE DAY Rahul Kohli's parents sit in the living room, Rama (Emma Stone) and Satish (Tilda Swinton) watch Dragonball Evolution. rocktheholygrail: OOOOOOOOOOOOOH