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Being Alone, Chihuahua, and Definitely: Follow @oxjxxo 13 yrold boy sentenced to 20 years in jail 4 shooting his moms rapist/attacker. RT & PLS sign this petition to help! change.org/p/mexican-pres 3 Messages 000 LTE 12:11 AM 16% a change.org change.org Petitioning Mexican President and 1other Release for 13 year old mexican boy sentenced to 20 years in prison manisha pal bangalore, India Si 25,782 Supporters Sign this petition 西m Messages ..oo LTE 12:11 AM 2 change.org angalore, India Supporters Imagine someone breaks into your home one morning and starts physically assaulting your mother. When she resists, he tries to rape her. What will you do? This is the situation a 13 year old boy in Chihuahua, Mexico, found himself in. Early morning, the attacker busted into his home and started violently hitting his mother. The scared kid tried to fight off the goon and when that didn't work ran upstairs to get his father's gun. He came back down only to realise the attacker was attempting rape. Alone and terrified, the boy shot his mother's violator repeatedly until he stopped moving. The identity of the attacker remains unknown to this day, however the court was quick to decide that given the brutality of the case, the boy be tried as an adult and be given 20 years in prison. Sign this petition Retweets Likes 6,912 3,883 w41匇ふむ(2.6阜龟 blackness-by-your-side: Omg this kid doesn’t deserve 20 years in prison for protecting his own mother! This is fucking ridiculous. It was definitely a defense. He’s 13 years now, just imagine how traumatized he must be after watching his mother getting sexually abused and brutally beaten by a stranger? I am sure, if the boy was white American he would be carried carefully out of the house and would be given probation. That’s how white privilege works all around the world. Here you can sign a petition. My heart broke. Please, share to raise awareness.