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If it’s not an MLM and they are making so much money, why are they constantly trying to recruit people?: Once upon a time we went on vacation as a family for TWO WEEKS to California. Not once worrying about finances. We laughed and played and truly enjoyed our time as a family. I earned a $2000 shopping spree, VIP receptions, VIP gifts (more to come on that later), $800 cash, 5 nights in a luxury hotel. Is this real life?!?!? Truly red carpet treatment. I think back to where we were last year. Poor. Poor health, wealth, and hope. Back then I watched my husband work all day, six days a week. And each month getting just a little behind. I felt like we would NEVER catch up with our bills and NEVER get ahead. The stress literally robbed me of sleep at night. But that's what you do to stay home with your babies... right? Have you ever been there? Felt that? I'm here to tell you, you can have it all. You can stay home with your babies AND help others in a meaningful way AND contribute to your family finances AND have amazing health AND be spiritually aligned (helping people will always do that) AND have a strong social bonds AND be a better wife, friend, sister, daughter, self. Because guess what? When you are your best self, you can help others in the best way I would never have believed my life could change so much in one year for taking a chance to change my health. But here we are. Would you take a chance to change everything? If it’s not an MLM and they are making so much money, why are they constantly trying to recruit people?

If it’s not an MLM and they are making so much money, why are they constantly trying to recruit people?

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He has invaded my linkedIn