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The politics of dancing: WHATS UP WITH BARR??? William Barr's daddy was forced to resign by those nasty 'liberal eggheads', now Barr intends to settle that score by any means possible. Barr Quits Dalton Sch0ol Post, could place Charging Trustees' Interference der contract, in This has give eral feeling ame officials, paren educators that planning to cur assistance gran possibly addit cording to the adequate-state capped pupils. Mayer Stiski the newly-form to Assure Serv tional Children. tended the A said that a "ch would result if were cut off. The new orga posed of repre 20 private scho that now educat handicanned By GENE I. MAEROFF Donald Barr, the controver- sial and outspoken headmaster of the Dalton School, one of the city's largest and most selective private schools, has resigned in protest of what he considers the trustee's inter- férence with his leadership. "Everyone knows that I am somewhat anachronistic in my views of the educational lead- ership of a school," Mr. Barr wrote in a letter yesterday to faculty members and parents. "I am not comfortable with the definition of board-head reiations that I see becoming current in schools everywhere." . Mr. Barr's resignation, which the board says was not re- quested and comes after 10 frequently. stormy years as head of Dal- ton, which is housed in an enrollment of1,254 from pr 11-story, brick building at 108 kindergarten East 89th Street, You hippies are gonna pay!!!! The New Yark Times not expected, Donald Barr tion absorb o nrovidedfo through The growing financial co straints that have come to be on privately supported instit 12 Question of Authority The source of conflict be- tions are known to hav tween the strong-minded Mr. heightened tensions betwee Barr and his 20-member board Mr. Barr and the board ov seemed to center on the ques- the question of the extent tion of where the board's which cutbacks should b authority should yield to the made among faculty and sta headmaster's judgment. There members. The politics of dancing

The politics of dancing