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My English teacher has a laminated "Meme Board": XPRESS *takes my eyes off of my cass for 1.7 seconds My students: Why do people people act scandalized when they find out I don't want kids? teachertrauma "But you love kids!" Ya and l'm sure zookeepers love their Komodo dragons it doesn't mean they want one in their living room BEST WAY spread STMAS CHEER is by... Me listening to my serial killer Ogkued my head fomy shoulde podcast on the way to my education job. My students wherI try to transition from one activity to another: When you say wear word and turn around and there's a @teachertrauma SATT OI CONCUIT FOUR NAME ON YOUR PAPER G DIRECTIONS THE FIRST TIME DRING YOUR VOICE LEVEL teacher behind you. Studen o ddnt "Canyou just round my sol won't have to reper Do you peir Prof But I already did something today! TEACH CREATE MOTIVATE SparkNotes @SparkNotes Students: Are we doing anything today? Sipe thioren tom celng Brianna Shrum Me: rever vum Last Christmas, I gave you my heart Repeat asce #teacherlife me, interviewing yes sir l am a very professional teacher No, Feant te But the very next day You stuffed it underneath the me, teaching today "Ah the floorboards with the rest of my When I'm being obs and a kid starts act RI'm ever murderedoknapped Spanish Flu. You might remember corpse until the sound of my this, kids, as the flu that killed please don't make up lies about me l Every day is a new horro Edward Olen heartbeat intensified your descent do not light up a room Everyone doesn't want to be MyiaMa Pecple don't automatically take notice of me into madness 148 PM B9 Twitter Web App have a smart mouth and two friends Tell 20/20 chaotic 4.0 neutral She can't nag you wyuu do what she lold you to the first time. stantly showing up late to class and not doing a damn thing all semester. lawful 4.0 - never sleeps - doesn't study and tries hard and it -does homework the pays off - uses their planner study sessions with friends night it's assigned - color coded binders - flashcards for every test mSPERNG still aces tests When teacher wa up to you during - writes essays in one sitting an exam and look at your paper then shouts" guys make sure you read the questions carefully " 30YEAR OLD ME AROUND RE TREE TOPS LEN - cheats on tests starts assignments at 1 am %3D lawful average neutral average chaotic average & CHILDREN LISTEN - 0% in the homework category straight Bs does the bare minimum Failing my class because of the choices I have made. - does homework in class - never knows when things are due - does well on either tests or assignments - good writer chaotic failing -ale they even neutral failing - no motivation or To NOTHING दैब lawful failing enrolled in class fights with teachers doesn't retake tests The teacher just doesn't like me! CHILDREN LITERALLY discipline sleeps to - tries hard but gets bad grades F executive dysfunction - never skips class 30 YEAR OLD ME AROUNC DoM'T LISTEN To procrastinate - too tired to work Teaching never boring. Students: "Curse e eryday* Teacher: *Curses for the first time in front of class* Same days you instl We lessora in he gererton that wil ane day run ths nation. Omer days t tells me you have to remind them not to la e wd dung od and Students: not play with the witch. is an angel Piease do Sparkfictes ATIF Spymbolizes he notion trat dah a y comng don't bther nitng me She is fragile. When your teacher won't round your 39/100 to a 90 Querter It really do be like that perng) s Luciler NOTES ROUTE TALK d avlatenge to Sara e erts lee of the moder by dngrom ool to Best Buy nate So Sarah and Danataka the wThey try te recate the e and Adnan tack on My English teacher has a laminated "Meme Board"

My English teacher has a laminated "Meme Board"