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9/11, Af, and Alive: When you realise all the area 51 memes have made several memes come back When your friend says he's not going to the raid but you meet him escaping holding an Weebs charging Area Storm Area 51 will provide memes ho matter wh Time traveler: What year is it? Me: 2019 300K people storming Area 51 Time Traveler: What are you doing? Me and the boys switching to creative mode to get into area 51 Time traveler: Area 51 raid is this year right? Someone needs to post the area 51 memes on Instagram So we can use their thots as body shields Memes. If everyone gets shot? Memes. If it's memes Reddit discussimg af serious topic Time traveler Where'd you think I got this time machine? a bunch ofstuff? Memos. We get memes no matter what so we win either way et's see who this really is Guy who started it as a joke, watching from om Rediht discusssing Thow to raid Arca 51 WHAT The Guard laughing in 4000rpm WHEN YOU REALIZE WE GAVE THE GOVERNMENT When the guards at area 51 see all of us and realise it's not just a meme People raiding Area 51: The doors are locked! How do we get in When you set up a hot dog stand outside of Area 51 on September 20, When 800k people show up to Area 51 and the army just starts letting people walk in like it's a Willy Wonka tour Me, an American, waking up to 400k people wanting to raid area 51: Area 51 guard: I can't let you in maFRAID IT IS Jst giving S break from Are UCTED AREA Minecraft redstone engineers: 400K IDIOTS SPASSING Me breaki 560 286 2.286 14563 Nobody is. born cool Except of course.... 46 SHUT UP! The Matary he e Everyone is confused 156 o287 Wstonks 0.1204 A0.1902 defending hn gets gses dow ad ds Area 51 Confused screaming A2 MONTH HEAD START TO PREPARE Be a lot cooler if you did AREA 51 GUARDS Thousands of people on the internet: "plan to storm Area 51 Florida Man: Me asking my mom if I can storm area 51 with my friends when you break into area 51 and there no aliens 500k people Elon musk when he finds out that engineered cat girls are at area 51 when you see a meme today that has nothing to do with the area 51 raid A MERGENCY ALERTS Area 51 guards us government Zero Pimples? millennials and gen z's willingness to is 4 a lot well, that depends there are Um...whatcha got there? only 4 guards lackhead Zero september 19th plane ticket to Nevada prea 51 thinking this is a joke they are Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private People actually raiding Area 51 ccccseo 0000000ss04 me Thosebastards lied to me ZERO he amaunt of times mymeme survivors of the area 51 raid? YES! It's like... I was made for this smoothie me walking into Fort Knox after all the guards were dispatched to area 51: Everyone: wE g0nNa Rald ArEa 51 Area 51 Security when they see Mumbo Jumbo rolling up in a walking TNT canon Funeral Homes after people Me and the boys about to When only E US wemment People: to raid Area 51* us. Government who has The Internet after ng Me: Do people still remember 9/11? Traveler: Do you mean 9/20? Guards who can finally use their guns only 16 Deople show storm into Area 51 in storm area 51. people get shot trying one guy shows up to Area 51 on up to storm the base September to enter Area 51 Siehou Aliens Hostages inside: September 20 U.S 97 what It's The Legend27 RUN when you laugh at all the weebs that are gonna show up Time traveller: I'm from late September 2019 Area 1 51 People: They can't shoot us all if we storm area 51 together Area 51 guards: IM THE When you finally break into Area 51 but then you hear: "Danger! SCP-096 is free!" Yeseay 10 22 AM Me: storms area 51 Area AreaArea 51 51 51 Storming AREA 51 sober Me: Will the Area 51 storm succeed? DUNBEST MAN ALIVE Area Area AREA 51 iron man suit and a crap ton of crusaders pull up Time traveller: Where did you think I got this time travel device from? Ae 51 51 300k tards Unemployed people on reddit who think infiltrating area 51 is funny UCsFree Beal Estte guard: turns into alen Afa 51 me: Me: LOOK AN AL EN Area Area 51 51 Stormin AREA 51 OU ISD so you get to see aliens no matter what WHERE?! MILLENNIALS eu'RE DIAnoA nat in to USgovernment happen bruh 200