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now ur switching my words: yeezyslides i dont understand why vegans keep eating salmon like thats a gateway food to salmonella colormipretty Vegans can eat salmon? I thought they couldn't eat meat or food from animals yeezyslides well salmon isnt rlly an animal, its a fish cinnamonvenus So fish aren't animals? yeezyslides theyre not animals, theyre fish cinnamonvenus How do you define the word animal, sis? cinnamonrollwithit i'm sorry, can we take like, three steps back and look at the fact that op thinks that eating salmon is the direct cause of salmonella? tired-beans IT'S CALLED PESCETARIAN, NOT VEGAN, NOT VEGETARIAN. PESCETARIA N. FISH ARE ANIMALS, THEY EAT, THEY BREATHE, THEY SHIT, THEY REPRODUCE AHSHFJAKDJ yeezyslides 1st of all bring down ur tone 2th of all it isnt pescatarian bc fish arent part of the animal kingdom their FISH.. and u ppl call me stupid imagine being this ignornant and typing in all caps... nobody said fish dont reproduce or shit but they dont breathe bc theyre in water wtf u cant breahe underwater ur so dumb artistsregret fish IS NOUN fishes (olural noun) a limbless cold-blooded vertebrate animal with gills and fins and living wholly in water the sea is thick with sh the flesh of fish as food hot crab appetcers stuffed with fish the zodiacal sign or constellation Pisces used in names of invertebrate animals living wholly in water, eg., cuttlefish, shelfish, jellyfish. So you mean to tell me. They're not animals? yeezyslides now ur switching my words. i never said that fish arent animal artistsregret "So fish arent animals?" They're not animals, they're fish" Fish are in fact animals, I'm sorry to say. yeezyslides i dont recall sereniv this is a fucking train wreck now ur switching my words