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Academy Awards, Albert Einstein, and Bill Gates: DOYOUNEED MENTORS? (OR BOOKS)... the youngest billionaire at the started WATCH THE FULL VIDEO: TAILOPEZ.COMMENTORS Watch this important full video: tailopez.com-mentors - Here's a list of famous people and their mentors: MENTEE-MENTORS - DESCRIPTION 1. Steve Jobs-Robert Friedland - Founded Apple... 2. Albert Einstein-Max Talmey - Developed the Theory of Relativity... 3. Stephen Hawkings-Dennis W. Sciama - Developed Theories of Black Holes and Quantum Physics... 4. Mark Zuckerberg-Steve Jobs - Created Facebook... 5. Bill Gates-Ed Roberts - Created Microsoft... 6. Bruce Lee-IP Man - Martial Artist... 7. Warren Buffett-Benjamin Graham - Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway worth over $500 billion... 8. Jeff Bezos-Bill Campbell - Created Amazon... 9. Conor McGregor-John Kavanagh - MMA Fighter... 10. Andrew Carnegie-Thomas Scott - Industrialist, Expanded Steel Industry... 11. Robin-Batman - Fought Evil Super Villains 12. Michael Jordan-Phil Jackson-Dean Smith - 6 Time NBA Champion, 5 Time NBA MVP... 13. Oprah Winfrey-Mary Duncan-Maya Angelou - Highest Rated Talk Show... 14. Sam Walton-L. S. Robson - Created Walmart.... 15. Jay Z-Lyor Cohen - Started Roc NationSteve n 16. Martin Luther King Jr.-Benjamin Mays - Led Civil Rights Movement... 17. Will Smith-Muhammad Ali - Actor and Producer... 18. Barrack Obama-Frank Marshall Davis - Former President Of The United States... 19. Tom Hanks-Rawley Farnsworth - Actor and Filmmaker... 20. Denzel Washington-Sidney Poitier - Academy Award Winning Actor.... 21. Larry Page-Steve Jobs - Co-founder of Google... 22. Bill Hewlett and David Packard-Frederick Terman - Started Hewlett-Packard... 23. Marc Benioff-Larry Ellison - Founder and Chairman of Salesforce... 24. Michael Dell-Lee Walker - Chairman and CEO of Dell... 25. Jack Dorsey-Ray Chambers - Founded Twitter 26. Kobe Bryant-Michael Jordan - 5 Time NBA Champion, 4 Time NBA MVP... 27. Nikola Tesla-Sir William Crookes - Famous Engineer and Inventor, Invented the “Tesla coil”.. People lie, but the numbers don't. Look at the numbers above is a list of facts you can check yourself if you don't believe that.